I started to write about political topics because I enjoy the interaction between law and politics.  What has started out as something fun to do has attracted a lot of positive attention, that I feel it deserves its  own site.  On that note, I have started a companion site for the political posts called sbdpolitics.com.   I will probably cross-post every now and then between the blogs, especially during election season.  However, the idea is for sbdpolitics to contain the vast majority of political, versus legal, postings.

    The site will be similar to this one: neutral, original content, value-added commentary, not a rehash or aggregators, and not a troll haven.  I invite people to comment, but commenters have to use your real name and not a pseudonym.  The design will hopefully improve over time.

    Thank you for all the positive comments I have heard about this blog.


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