No real surprise here, Hardy Brown has had a running feud with City Attorney James F. Penman for a long time now.  Here is the pertinent part of the article:

    Now one of the candidates for city clerk was so closely aligned to another candidate (Jim Penman), that they even printed their names on the same yard signs. This candidates campaign literature was even paid for by Penman. Now I am not saying she would not be independent but the printed evidence gives the impression that she would owe her election to him. Even without that political baggage, she does not match her opponent’s qualifications when it comes to the position.

    Gigi Hanna is a trained Public Records Expert in city clerk duties and has the education to handle the job. If we want to continue a legacy of competent city clerks in the position; efficiently run the department; keep politics out of the office; be a friend to citizens; improve public access to government records through technology and have fair and accurate elections then join with me in voting for Gigi Hanna for City Clerk.

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