Signs have been popping up again within the last week.  Gigi Hanna has again purchased large billboards that look similar to her 2011 signs, except they have a yellow band on the right corner reminding voters to mail in their ballots and that the deadline is February 7, 2012 (while driving, I can neither take a picture nor remember the exact verbiage).  I don’t see it on her Facebook page, so I cannot tell you the wording.  I have seen yard signs for Amelia Sanchez Lopez, which obviously are different than in the primary election in 2011 because they are single candidate.

    Other than that, there does not yet seem to be any advertising from one side that specifically mentions by name the other candidate.  According to the letter from Rachel Clark in the ballot, there will be a debate, but there is nothing on the City’s website as of yet.

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