Most every eligible voter has probably received the two mailers from Gigi Hanna for City Clerk, but for the benefit of those that are not in San Bernardino, here is a post dedicated to them.  Rather than post them (or Amelia Sanchez-Lopez’s mailers for that matter), I’ll describe them in pertinent part.  The first is a a one page four color two-sided sheet (kind of an 8 1/2 by 11 postcard).  In which Gigi Hanna gives her qualifications again.  The back of the mailer has a list of supporters, and links to her website: for a complete list of supporters.

    The card does not have all these names, but the website, according to a PDF file dated January 11, 2012, gives these names (I have separated them by commas which do not appear in the original:

    As residents, business owners and community leaders in San Bernardino—your neighbors—we support Gigi Hanna for San Bernardino City Clerk. She is the right candidate, at the right time, for the right reasons. She is the CLEAR choice.
    George Aguilar, Ramiro Aguilar, Alex Aldasoro, Evelyn Alexander, Nicholas Alexander, Mark Alvarez, Blythe Anderson, Raul Avila, Steve & Peggy Avila, Dr. Albert Arteaga, Barbara Babcock, George Beltz, Roslyn & Marv Billings, Brian Brewer, Erin Brinker, Darrell & Betty Brooks, Marta Brown, Hardy & Cheryl Brown, Hardy Brown, Jr., Trevor Cairn, Dan Carlone, Danny Castro, Pratap Champsi, Ken Clark, Eve & Bill Clayton, Al Cline, Hillel Cohn, Dr. Bill Coleman, Carol Cooper, Dr. John & Beryl Craig, Stephanie & Byron Congdon, Bobbi Cummings, Bill & Jan Cunnigham, Jim & Sunny Damron, John & Dannell, Duran Steve & Suzie Earp, Jim & Diane Eble, Jan Edey, Chehab & Bricia El Awar, Carla Figuerrora, Pamela & Rondy French, John Futch, Drs. Ernest & Dorothy Garcia, Tim Garcia, Jackie Gonzalez, Nick Gonzalez, Diane Grant, Betti Grim, Art Guererro, Joe & Dani Gutierrez-Neri, Lynda Hartzell, Peggi Hazlett, Danny Hendricks, Margaret Hill, Esther Jimenez, Marilyn Karnig, Phil Kassel, Jonathon Longo, Susan Longville, Lynn Merrill, Jerry Moya, Maureen Devlin, Murphy Owen, Murphy Bruce Nelson, Joe & Dani Gutierrez-Neri, Scott Noon, Clara Ocampo, Lorraine Ocampo, Einar Martin Olson, Steve Oquendo, Marilyn & Jerry Patterson, Dena & Ron Peters, Kay Porter, Doug & Serena Potter, Tim Prince,  Tracylyn & Ron Sharitt, Barbara Skye, Pat Spafford, James Ramos, Robert Rego, Euphemia Reyes, Rocket Rios, Jonathon Ruiz, Kay & Nacho Salazar, Thom Salsbury, Marilyn Sauer, Lynda & Phil Savage, Joyce Seeger, James Malcolm Smith, Jane Sneddon, Orville & Margy Spears, Marcey & Gerry Stanton, Terrance Stone, Linda & Steve Sutherland, Carolyn Tillman, Chuck & Bobbie Terrell, John Whitehair, Lydia Whitehead, Diana Williams, David Winston.

    No doubt readers will recognize many of the names on the list.

    The second mailer is a 2012 calendar with a variety of dates, including the deadline for ballots to be received and the dates of council meetings.  The calendar has very nice photographs of San Bernardino landmarks taken by Gigi Hanna’s husband, Tony Barber.


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