Last week, either on either Friday or Saturday, I received another mailer from Amelia Sanchez Lopez.  The mailer is four pages, in color, and about half of an 8 1/2 by 11 brochure.  The front is labeled “MAIL-IN BALLOT ELECTION GUIDE”

    On the left it shows a mock up of the ballot and on the right are four steps corresponding with the ballot:

    1. Use a BLACK BALLPOINT PEN to cast your vote.
    2. VOTE FOR AMELIA SANCHEZ LOPEZ by connecting the two parts of the arrow next to Amelia’s name on your ballot.
    3. SIGN YOUR ENVELOPE – include your signature, voting address and the date.  Ballots in unsigned envelopes will NOT be counted.
    4. MAIL IN YOUR BALLOT TODAY – NO postage is necessary. Ballots must be received by the Registrar of Voters no later than February 7.  Mail no later than Friday, February 3, 2012 so your ballot arrives on time.
    5. QUESTIONS? – Please call the Registrar of Voters at 909-387-8300

    The second page is titled “Amelia For City Clerk


    • ONLY candidate for City Clerk with extensive financial and executive management experience.
    • Executive Director of a local non-profit organization; 20 years administrative experience.
    • Responsible for coordinating the County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Program.  Helped pass a tough city ordinance against adults who buy alcohol for minors.
    • Completed City Clerk Training course with the City Clerks Association of California.


    • Five generations of Amelia’s family have lived and worked in San Bernardino.  Member of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church.
    • Graduate of the San Bernardino Citizens Academy.  Worked with City Law Enforcement to shut down the notorious Hudson “Rave Club”.
    • Neighborhood Leader and City Planning Commissioner.
    • Community Volunteer who helped to protect our right to vote by defeating Measure C in 2010.

    Also on the second page is a picture of Council member Robert Jenkins appointing Amelia Sanchez Lopez to the San Bernardino City Planning Commission.  Amelia Sanchez Lopez’s contact information is given as,, and 909-882-7085.

    The last page is titled “Trusted and Respected” and features a picture of Amelia Sanchez Lopez with Former San Bernardino Mayor Judith Valles, former Mayor Evlyn Wilcox, Council member Robert Jenkins, Council member Wendy McCammack, San Bernardino School Board Member Judi Penman and Council member Elect John Valdivia.   There are also quotes from Chas Kelley, firefighter Nathan Lopez, and former San Bernardino Chamber of Commerce President Jack Hill.

    The back page has a picture of Ameila Sanchez Lopez with the legend “Integrity We Trust” and “Vote Amelia Sanchez Lopez for City Clerk” and “Special Vote-By-Mail Election.

    I have not heard anything new from Gigi Hanna; her last Facebook post is dated January 11, 2012, the last mail piece was the calendar I wrote about earlier, which arrived more than a week ago.  I checked Gigi Hanna’s website, and there do not appear to be any changes.  Even the supporters list was the same, with a date of January 11, 2012 on the PDF metadata.  I continue to pass large Gigi Hanna billboards and large wooden signs in my travels through the City.

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