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    Last Updated: February 7, 2012 9:20 PM
    Registration & Turnout
    71,881 Voters
    Vote Count Percent
    Precinct Turnout 12,192 16.96%
    Total 12,192 16.96%
    City Clerk, City of San Bernardino
    170/170 100.00%
    Vote Count Percent
    GEORGEANN ”GIGI” HANNA 6,066 50.01%
    AMELIA SANCHEZ-LOPEZ 6,064 49.99%
    Total 12,130 100.00%

    Gigi Hanna won by a slimmer margin than 50.01 percent, the number was just rounded up from 50.000824402308326 percent of the vote.  By contrast, Amelia Sanchez Lopez received .499917559761674 percent of the vote. In comparison, there were 12,108 votes in the final certified results of the Primary Municipal Election, which means that there were 22 more voters in this election than in the General Municipal Election.

    There was a tie vote in the March 1979 vote for 7th Ward Council in San Bernardino between Robert McBay and the eventual winner, Jack  Strickler.  The vote was tied 1284 to 1284 before the Council broke the tie with a coin flip.

    here was an election contest to the results of the General Election in May 1, 1979 between Ralph Hernandez, Luther Fair and one other candidate for the 3rd Ward seat.  The initial election results were that Fair won, then the official canvass said t that Hernandez won by four votes, then the recount was 793 votes for Hernandez and 790 votes for Fair.  Fair filed an election contest.  Judge Patrick Morris decided that Hernandez received 796 votes, and Fair received 794 votes.  The decision was reversed and remanded by the Fourth District Court of Appeal on March 12, 1981.  After remand, Judge Morris found 791 votes for Hernandez and 783 votes for Fair.  It went to the Fourth District Court of Appeal and the judgement confirming Hernandez’s election was upheld on December 23, 1982.  As far as I can tell, though, Hernandez was sworn in before the first Common Council meeting in June in 1979.

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