This mailer, sent by the California Republican Party shows what hath the top two primary wrought.

    In it, career Republican politician (Gary Miller) accuses career Republican politician (Bob Dutton) of trying to “keep his Gravy Train chugging.”  Now, of course, Gary Miller, moved to Rancho Cucamonga, home of Bob Dutton, because his “Gravy Train” was redistricted.

    After following City of San Bernardino politics during the 2011 primary, it is refreshing to see better graphics in the better funded California Congressional District 31 race.  There must be a repository, somewhere, of bad Jim Penman photographs trotted out every four years for elections. However, Gary Miller does not need a grainy, out of focus picture of Bob Dutton. No!  They just need Adobe Photoshop to make him the conductor of the “GRAVY TRAIN.”

    Even better was a paid slate mailer called “Election Digest, a project of the Coalition for Literacy.”  Gary Miller’s dollars bought this language in the slate mailer:

    There is no Democratic candidate for this office.  Miller has the experience and the clout to bring good paying jobs back to San Bernardino County.

    I have not seen any data on this race, but I would not be surprised if Gary Miller wins this race based only on the sheer volume of money being spent on the race.



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