The first look in calendar year 2013, at least.

    There is not a lot of information available on the City of San Bernardino’s website at the moment; they seem to be occupied by Chapter 9 of the Bankruptcy Code at the moment.  For example, here is part of the “Frequently Asked Questions” for elections:

    Elections are held in odd numbered years in November.  The next regular election will be held in November of 2009.   For more information of which seats will be up for election in November 2009, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 909 384-5002.

    (Found on 1/1/2013 at

    Right.  The San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters does not yet have the San Bernardino Primary Elections up at its site, listing three other special elections on March 5, 2013 for City of Chino Hills for a city council member seat by mail ballot election, a Town Council seat in the Town of Yucca Valley by mail ballot election, and the City of Rialto’s Measure W which will extend the existing utility user’s tax five more years until June 2018, by a polling place election.

    So, when does the City of San Bernardino vote?  The City of San Bernardino has a primary election every four years for a variety of seats, and they are staggered.  For example, City Clerk, City Treasurer, and City Attorney were last elected by primary election in November 2011.  The City Clerk race had a general (or run-off) election in February 2012.  The next primary election for these three offices will be in November 2015, unless the City dissolves or there is a charter amendment, or some other unfortunate event occurs.

    Along with those Charter mandated officials, four Common Council member seats were last elected in November 2011: Third Ward, Fifth Ward, Sixth Ward, and Seventh Ward.  Barring further catastrophes, they will be up for a vote again in November 2015.

    What positions are being elected at the City of San Bernardino primary municipal election in November 2013? Mayor, and Common Council members for the First, Second, and Fourth Wards.  There is no information about specific deadlines at either the City Clerk’s website as of this writing, nor the Registrar of Voters, but the filing period should open in mid-July and close in early to mid August.

    What do we know about the candidates so far?  Mayor Patrick J. Morris has been quoted in the media that he is not running again.  Draymond Crawford II, the Sixth Ward police commissioner, has stated that he will be running for Mayor.  He has a website at  His publicly listed contact information is: email and phone: (909) 374-4843. No other candidates have announced their intentions in the local newspapers at this time.

    Who is running for First Ward Common Council Member in San Bernardino? Currently, the position is held by Virginia Marquez, who was first elected in 2009.  No candidates have announced their intentions in the local newspapers at this time.

    Who is running for Second Ward Common Council Member in November 2013?  The position is currently held by Robert Jenkins, who won a special election held in July of 2011 to fill out the remainder of Jason Desjardins term.  No candidates have announced their intentions in the local newspapers at this time.

    Who is running for Fourth Ward Common Council Member in the City of San Bernardino Primary Election in November 2013?  Fred Shorett, first elected in March of 2009 in the special election to replace former Fourth Ward Member Neil Derry, was elected again in the primary in November 2009. No candidates have announced their intentions in the local newspapers at this time.

    To my knowledge, no one is actively running any recall petitions or proposed charter amendments.  It would be difficult, if not impossible to meet the deadlines for a citizen charter amendment if one does not get started soon. The Mayor and Common Council usually has until around the first meeting in July to place charter initiatives on the November ballot, if I recall correctly the last time I looked at the issue last year.

    Also, there might be other elections, and other matters on the November ballot, such as to raise taxes in conjunction with the City’s fiscal state.

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