Much of local politics is not very exciting.   One of the duties of local elected officials is to speak at neighborhood meetings.

    James F. Penman comments at a neighborhood meeting on a variety of topics.

    This YouTube video appears to be taken by a mobile telephone camera (note the orientation) at a neighborhood meeting in December 2012.  The piece is titled: “SB City Attorney Tells Neighborhood to Lock Doors, Load Guns.” However, the actual video is not particularly exciting.  The opening comments are about medical marijuana (the person uploading the video is named “MedicalMarijuana411.”   He goes on to speak about the bankruptcy, the CalPERS hearing, and crime, including AB 109, homeless camps and vigilantism (he’s against it).

    I’ve heard the City Attorney speak to the public many times, before, during and after my tenure with the City.  This meeting is typical of his tone and comments, and his pronunciation of the word “San Bernardino.”

    As to the title “SB City Attorney Tells Neighborhood to Lock Doors, Load Guns.”

    What he actually says is, starting at 9:17 after saying  that you cannot take the law into your own hands:

    I would not advise anyone .  . . who has children at home . . . to keep a loaded firearm in the house.  You are asking for trouble.  Children from toddlers to teens are attracted to guns.   [Unintelligible] high in a closet, they will get chairs and everything else–toddlers will– I know the tragic case involving a four year old, who,  the father was a police officer, gun was up in the top shelf of the closet little guy climbed up somehow, got it, shot himself. Horrible case. None of you want that to happen.  If you have children at home, I don’t care if they are seventeen, teenagers, you know, to four, three, two, whatever, don’t keep a loaded gun.  If you’ve never had any training in firearms, you should not run out and buy a gun, you should get training first, there are places you can get it, gun stores, uh, have information on courses, the Sheriff’s Department has an excellent program called [Unintelligible] Beware and you can go to the Sheriff’s Department and sign up for that or call there, and they give you training on how to harden yourself as a target, uh, what to watch out for, how to avoid situations, they also give you hands-on training on shooting rifles, shotguns and hand guns. If you don’t have children at home, if you do know how to handle a weapon . . .San Bernardino is that dangerous now, my advice is when you go home, if that’s your situation, lock your doors, if you have guns, load them. I’m not quite out of time, but I’ll stop.  Sure, Thank you very much.  [Applause]

    This echoes his earlier comments in late November on the same issue.  However, the easier thing to say is “SB City Attorney Tells Neighborhood to Lock Doors, Load Guns.”  The actual statement is more nuanced.




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