From a press release from Assembly Member Brown’s office:

    The satellite office is located at Fontana City Hall, 8353 Sierra Avenue. The satellite office will be staffed Monday through Thursday from 9:00am – 5:00pm at the City Hall Conference Room.

    The district office is located at the Vanir Tower, 290 North D Street, Suite 903 in San Bernardino.

    I have not been in an a district office since the early 2000s, when their was a slew of them in the then-EDA owned building at 201 North E Street, which I assume was a way for state and federal office holders to spend state and federal funds in the district, and help support local municipalities, as well as to serve local constituents.   The ones in 201 North E Street that I can remember from my visits to the City of San Bernardino’s Code Enforcement Department (as it was named during my tenure with the City) were Senator Diane Feinstein’s Inland Empire office, Representative Joe Baca’s district office, and Assembly member John Longville’s district office.  When I was with the City of Redlands, I, as one of a number of staff, visited then-Representative Jerry Lewis’ district office on Brookside Avenue.  It was a meeting with Jerry Lewis, but I think that’s the only time I ever have seen an elected official in their district office.  However, it was also the only time I attended a meeting with an outside (non-City) elected official outside of a legislative body.

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