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    Here is the first website that shows Tim Prince’s candidacy for City Attorney should the recall of City Attorney qualify.  I see that some of the readers of this blog are already connected to the site.

    In my last update, I had mostly nothing on Matt Korner’s campaign.

    However, I have since found his Facebook Page: Matt Korner for Mayor.

    The page was launched on August 1o, 2013.

    He says that he is a second generation native of San Bernardino, and a fourth-generation resident.

    He gives this information in his “about” section:

    Join the movement to help build the new San Bernardino.
    – (909) 648-2844
    Volunteer to call likely supporters! Host a campaign event! Knock on doors with other volunteers! Write a letter to the editor! Get free campaign signs!

    Contact us, or visit the organizing headquarters opening soon.

    Help donate to the campaign here: More

    That’s basically it so far.

    A great friend has sent me the order of names on the San Bernardino Primary Municipal Election Ballot to be held November 5, 2013.  Why is this important?  One reason is the primacy effect, which can make a difference in tight elections.

    Order of Names on Ballot



    1 Richard T. Castro Retired Teacher/Coach
    2 Draymond “Dray” Crawford City of San Bernardino Graffiti Removal
    3 Matt Korner Start-up Founder
    4 Chas A. Kelley Community Representative/Councilman
    5 Rick Avila Contractor
    6 Carey Davis Corporate Controller/CPA
    7 H. W. Nickel Financial Analyst
    8 Wendy J. McCammack Businesswoman/Taxpayer Advocate
    9 Karmel Roe Real Estate Broker
    10 Concepcion Powell Economic Development Consultant
    11 Rikke Van Johnson Councilman/Small Businessman




    City of San Bernardino

    Primary Municipal Election

    November 5, 2013

    Order of Names on Ballot

    Ward 1 Council Member


    1 John J. Abad Retired Teacher
    2 Casey Dailey Transportation Professional
    3 Virginia Marquez Incumbent




    City of San Bernardino

    Primary Municipal Election

    November 5, 2013

    Order of Names on Ballot

    Ward 2 Council Member


    1 Benito J. Barrios Small Business Owner
    2 Robert Jenkins Teacher/Council Member






    City of San Bernardino

    Primary Municipal Election

    November 5, 2013

    Order of Names on Ballot

    Ward 4 Council Member



    1 Fred Shorett Businessman/Council Member
    2 Kathy Pinegar Property Manager
    3 Anthony Jones Business Owner


     The choice of ballot designations are interesting.  As background, here is an excerpt from the 2013 Consolidated General Election November 5, 2013 Candidate Filing Guide on this issue:

    Ballot designations are restricted to the following:

    •  No more than three words.
    • Limited to space allotted on the ballot, approximately 55 characters including spaces and punctuation.
    • Must appear on the declaration of candidacy form at the time it is filed.
    •  Become public record once the information is filed on the Declaration of Candidacy Form.
    •  Cannot be changed after the final date to file candidate filing documents.
    • The listing of a designation on the ballot is OPTIONAL. Only one of the following categories is allowed:

    1. Elective Office Title: Words describing an elective office title may be used IF the candidate holds the office at the time nomination documents are filed and the office was filled by a vote of the people. The elective office title may be included with another principal occupation.

    Example A: Governing Board Member

    Example B: Board Member, XYZ School District

    Example C: County Supervisor/Teacher

    2. Incumbent: The word Incumbent may be used IF the candidate is seeking re-election to the same office and was elected to that office by a vote of the people or was appointed as a nominated candidate in lieu of an election. Incumbent must stand alone as a ballot designation.

    3. Appointed Official: The words Appointed Incumbent must be used IF the candidate was appointed to the office and is seeking election to that office as the incumbent. The word “Appointed” must be used if the candidate was appointed and is using the elective office title.

    Example A: Appointed Incumbent

    Example B: Appointed Board Member, XYZ School District


    Example C: Board Member, XYZ School District, Appointed

    Exception: Candidates appointed to office in lieu of an election do not have to use the word “appointed.”

    4. Principal Occupation: No more than three words to describe the current principal profession(s), vocation(s), or occupation(s) of the candidate. Or, if the candidate has no current principal profession, vocation, or occupation, the principal profession(s), vocation(s), or occupation(s) of the candidate during the calendar year immediately preceding the filing of nomination documents. Geographical names are considered one word. The elective office title may be included with another principal occupation.

    Example A: High School Teacher

    Example B: Attorney/Educator/Rancher

    Example C: CEO/Councilmember

    5. Community Volunteer: A person who engages in an activity or performs a service for or on behalf of, without profiting monetarily, one or more of the following:

    •  A charitable, educational, or religious organization as defined by the United States Internal Revenue Code §501(c)(3);
    • A governmental agency; or
    • An educational institution.The activity or service must constitute substantial involvement of the candidate’s time and effort such that the activity or service is the sole, primary, main or leading professional, vocational or occupational endeavor of the candidate.California Administrative Code § 20714.5 (a)(b)

    6.No Occupation Desired: If no ballot designation is requested, write the word “NONE” and place your initials in the space provided for ballot designation on the Declaration of Candidacy Form.Pursuant to California Elections Code §13107(b), the election official shall not accept a ballot designation if:

    • It would mislead the voter.
    • It would suggest an evaluation of a candidate, such as outstanding, leading, expert, virtuous, or eminent.
    • It abbreviates the word “retired” or places it following any word(s) that it modifies.
    • It includes a word or prefix, such as “former” or “ex,” which means a prior status. The only exception is the use of the word “retired.”
    • It includes the name of any political party, whether or not it has qualified for the ballot.
    •  It includes a word or words referring to a racial, religious or ethnic group.
    • It refers to any activity that is prohibited by law.

    The use of “incumbent” by Virginia Marquez is interesting.  Wendy McCammack does not use Council Member or Councilwoman at all. I have no idea what Chas Kelley’s designation as “Community Representative” means; if it refers to being a council member or a district representative for an elected official.

    We learn a little about the candidates for which there was little information yesterday.  Kathy Pinegar is listed as “Property Manager,” Anthony Jones is a “Business Owner,” ” Benito J. Barrios is a “Small Business Owner,” and Richard T. Castro is a “Retired Teacher/Coach.”


    In 2011 (before the bankruptcy) I wrote this:

    In the run-up to the Iraq war in 2003, factions in the City of San Bernardino wished to debate the merits and demerits of such an invasion.  City Attorney Jim Penman wrote a piece called Why We Try To Keep Partisan Politics Out of City Council Meetings, which to this day is on the City Attorney’s official website.  By partisan, the City Attorney was referring to Republicans and Democrats national politics versus nonpartisan local California offices.

    . . .
    I have been accused by supporters of the City Attorney of being a  secret David L. McKenna supporter, and a staunch Pat Morris supporter and former appointed official felt the need to write to me and say that City Attorney Jim Penman was terrible and had to go.  I think it is a testimony to my neutrality is that both sides think I support the other.  As a local small businessman, I am independent and neutral, because I have to work with all sides in the City, no matter who is in power.

    As the new election season dominates, with the San Bernardino Primary Municipal Election scheduled for November 5, 2013, and another possible election during or after, here is a little about this blog.

    This information is provided as a public service.  There is very little, even in the two local dailies, about San Bernardino politics.  I stay neutral.  I try to treat everyone equally, however, I try to inject some realism.  Some candidates are not going to be elected.  I try not merely aggregate other sources; instead, I try to add value or commentary.  I do not have the time to be in the news gathering business. I am not a journalist.

    As far as contact from candidates, elected officials and campaigns, I do not solicit the contact.  When I am given campaign information, I link to it or publish it. It helps if the campaign or candidate tells me that they want something published, because my legal training makes me hesitant to publish something without being told to do so.

    As to the focus of this blog: it’s called San Bernardino Politics, and I have commented on matters outside of the City of San Bernardino and San Bernardino Unified School District. Since the bankruptcy, I have mostly written on electoral politics rather than day-to-day governance of the City.

    As far as comments, I am not sure anyone has ever commented here.  All comments are moderated. You need to use your real name.

    How (un)popular is this site?  Yesterday, as has been typical of this week, there were 93 page views, 24 phrases being searched, 3 views from Twitter (I have 19 followers), and 4 clicks on links.  I would estimate that there are maybe 35 discrete viewers or so per day right now. Closer to the election, it will probably be double that.

    The record for views was 1881, which is much more than my law blog has ever seen in a day, and it was the day after the November 2012 election.  When I’m not writing new content, there are about 40 views a day of archive materials.

    The final deadline passed last night.   Here are your 2013 Mayoral Primary Election Lineup, in reverse alphabetical order (enough for a soccer team):

    Karmel Roe


    About (from website:)

    I was born and raised in San Bernardino and am the mother to four brilliant children. I attended both Crafton Hills and Valley College. In 2006 I received my B.S. Degree from Cal State in Marketing, Business & Public Relations, and Public Administration. I am a real estate and mortgage broker and have operated my own firm in down-town San Bernardino since 2003, where I manage multiple housing units and have brokered millions of dollars in real estate loans. I am currently studying for my law degree.

    Concepcion M. Powell



    About (from HWGA website:)

    A Luminary, Award winning achiever on national and global economic development challenges of the 21st century, Ms. Powell is a highly-successful, well-respected business woman and a pioneer of community-to-global business in the United States, México and Latin America.

    Ms. Powell is a high-ranking expert on transcending cultures and serves as an International economic/business development consultant. She opens doors between multi-cultural societies to improve understanding and interconnection in international business and community development. She applies her extensive experience and refined effectiveness in emerging communities for development with marketing and research. She provides her expertise to a high spectrum through education ranging from grassroots level to the highest diplomatic collaboration in the United States, México and Latin America.

    Her attributes of the success as the Founder of the Economic Development Forums between the United States and México have excelled her expertise as a transcontinental business facilitator, expert, and consultant; including providing international business relations, governmental relations, intercontinental government branches, extensive international governmental relations, extensive public relations, wide-ranging of national and international business network, media liaison, transcontinental event and conference management, and funding development.

    Ms. Powell has been a member of many local, regional, state, national and international boards and is currently the Chairman and Founder of an International organization–the HWGA-Hispanic Women Grocers of America. She also served on the advisory board for the Institute of Mexicans in the Exteriors-CCIME constituted by Mexican President Vicente Fox in 2006 and served under President Felipe Calderon in 2007-2008. Her involvement was directly with Secretary of Commerce, Secretary of Agriculture, Secretary of Education and Secretary of External Affairs of North America. Their purpose was to advise on International Trade and Economic Development between the United States and México.

    In this capacity, she leads and coordinates the Country’s efforts related to international business development and trade opportunities. In addition, Ms. Powell supports efforts of local trade promotion with organizations collectively gathered to advance the state’s export efforts with Mexico.

    Henry W. Nickel

    No website found as of publishing date.

    About: Was elected to Republican Party County Central Committee, 5th District in 2012, also has run for San Bernardino Unified School Board, Redlands City Council and California Assembly.

    Wendy McCammack

    No website found as of publishing date.

    About (from City Council website:)

    Wendy McCammack is presently serving her fourth term on the San Bernardino City Council. Her current term continues to the year 2016.

    Councilwoman McCammack serves as Chair of the Ways & Means Committee, and serves on the Community Development Block Grant Ad Hoc Committee (CDBG), the Fire Equipment Ad Hoc Committee, the Grants Ad Hoc Committee, the Military Banner Ad Hoc Committee, the Budget Ad Hoc Committee and the Taxi Cab Ad Hoc Committee.  She also currently serves on the Mayor’s Bankruptcy Ad Hoc committee and served with Mayor Valles on her Budget Ad Hoc committee.

    As well as her involvement as a City official, Wendy takes great satisfaction in staying active at the State and National levels regarding issues that directly affect local citizens and government.  She served six years on the State’s League of California Cities Housing Policy Committee.   For 2002-2003, she was elected to the League’s Inland Empire Division as a Director where legislators lobby the State for their city’s best interest.

    Wendy is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and has attended many governmental affairs sessions as well as Legislative Action Days in Sacramento on behalf of the business community in San Bernardino.  She has participated in the Chamber Leadership Program speaking on how to get to know your elected officials and how to participate in the legislative process.  She attends many of the Business After Hours, Open Houses and Ribbon Cuttings and feels this is a great way to get to know many community business leaders.

    She is a member of the Republican Women Federated of San Bernardino.  She has served as the Membership Chairwoman in her San Bernardino Kiwanis Club and was also a Board Member for 2002-2004.  Wendy currently serves as the President of the Assistance League of San Bernardino and annually edits and donates the printing of the membership directory.  Wendy is a supporting member of the Childhelp USA San Bernardino Chapter.  She is a member of Lutheran Church of Our Savior.  Wendy was elected for 2-1/2 years to the Holy Rosary Academy School Board.  She and her husband are former members of the Cal State Coyote Athletic Association and Wendy is a member of the Ladies Auxiliary of the American Legion Post 777.  She served on the Board of the Highland Avenue Business Association (HAAVA) for two years.  For HAABA, she sponsored a business improvement clean-up day and was vocal in getting Highland Avenue the powers of eminent domain back so non-compliant property owners could be pressured into complying with City building and safety standards.  Further, Wendy is a lifetime Girl Scout.

    Wendy has an extensive background in marketing, sales and accounting.  She grew up and was educated on the East Coast.  She went to Drew University and Kean College in New Jersey.  She and her husband, Dave, own Express Printing, Signs and T’s, Creative Advertising and Apple Tax Service.  Those small businesses have been in San Bernardino since 1982.

    Wendy’s hobbies are, first and foremost, her college age children, Chelsea – 21 and Mckenzee – 23 and her husband.  She enjoys many water sports, such as swimming, kayaking, sailing and fishing.  She also loves singing and playing instrumental music.  She is a devout animal lover.

    Matthew C. Korner

    No photo provided to the City Clerk

    No website found

    About: Lives in the 7th Ward

    Chas A. Kelley

    No campaign website found.

    About (from Council website):

    Councilman Chas A. Kelley was elected to the City Council in November 2003 and re-elected in November 2007 and was sworn in to represent the residents of the Fifth Ward of the City of San Bernardino on March 1, 2004. He has since been re-elected for the third time on November 8, 2011.  Chas Kelley’s term will expire in March 2016. He currently serves as the of the Chair Ways & Means Committee and is a member of the of the Grants Ad Hoc Committee, Education Bridge Committee and the San Bernardino Economic Development Corporation (SBEDC).  He has previously served on the Legislative Review Committee and Personnel Committee.

    As well as his involvement as a City official, Councilman Kelley is an active member of Our Lady of The Assumption Catholic Church where he serves on the Pastoral Council. He is also a Cub Scout Leader, a Little League Coach with Post 777; President of Kendall Hills Neighborhood Association, and a member of the Neighborhood Cluster Association Advisory Board. Before his election to the Fifth Ward, he served on the Community Television Commission.

    Mr. Kelley and his wife, Teri have four children, Brandon, Autumn, Christian and Dylan.

    Rikke Van Johnson



    Phone number (from campaign website): (909) 725-1053 ph

    Email (from campaign website):

    About (from campaign website):

    Rikke Van Johnson is a 52 year resident of San Bernardino. He is a graduate of Eisenhower High School in Rialto and has an Associate of Arts Degree from San Bernardino Valley College, where he graduated in 1981.

    Mr. Johnson is retired from the United States Postal Service after 27 years of service. He is presently employed as a Bail Agent and Manager for Greenwood Bail Bonds in San Bernardino.

    Mr. Johnson was elected to the City Council in November 2003 and was sworn in to represent the residents of the Sixth Ward of the City of San Bernardino on March 1, 2004. He was re-elected to his third term on the City Council in November 2011. His current term will expire in March 2016.

    He has served on various City Committees and presently serves on the Personnel Committee, Ways and Means Committee, Economic Strategic Plan Committee and the Military Banner Ad Hoc Committee. Further he serves as a member of the Inland Valley Development Agency and the San Bernardino International Airport Authority.

    Mr. Johnson is a Deacon at Ecclesia Christian Fellowship Church in San Bernardino. He is a member of the Westside Action Group (WAG), National Alliance of Postal and Federal Employees (NAPFE), the California Bail Agents Association (CBAA), the Broome Family Foundation (BFF), the Newman Leadership Academy (NLA) and is also a lifetime member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

    Mr. Johnson is happily married to Sharon and they have two daughters, Monique and Erika, one son, Julian Marsailes and two granddaughters, Kiara and Savii.

    Carey Davis






    About (from website):

    Who is Carey Davis?

    • Trusted and experienced leader with integrity; committed to return San Bernardino to financial health.
    • 35 years successful accounting and financial management experience.
    • Certified Public Accountant (CPA).
    • Master’s Business Administration, Cal State San Bernardino (CSUSB).
    • Born and raised in San Bernardino; Pacific High School class of ’70.
    • Married 40 years, Carey and Johnetta raised their four children to server their families and communities.
    • Local Church leader

    Draymond (Dray) Crawford


    Email (from campaign website):

    Phone (from campaign website): (909) 374-4843

    About (from campaign website):

    I am not new to our city or region, I know the history of the area. I know San Bernardino.

    I opened one of the first homework safe zones in the city, while also offering free computer training to adults to improve their job skills. Also holding the position of Executive Director of Self Education Law Enforcement Family (S.E.L.F.) youth program that targeted at risk boys. I have also served as the Inland Empire Peace Officers Association President.

    Strong Family ties, married for 29 years.


    Current Chairperson of City of San Bernardino Police Commission

    Member of Local 12 Operators & Engineers

    Past member of 1183 Labors Union


    NAACP Small Business Leader

    City of San Bernardino, Citizen of the month


    Coached at San Bernardino Valley College with Ron Smedley during championship years of the early 80’s

    Served as a U.S. Marine

    Long Beach P.D.

    Richard T. Castro

    No campaign website found.

    About: Lives in 5th Ward, was chair of the Concerned Citizens Coalition of San Bernardino.

    Rick P. Avila

    No campaign website found.

    About: Has run for mayor previously.


    With Ryan Hagen on vacation, the City Clerk’s database removed, the Registrar’s website still showing the August 9, 2013 report, there is no news in the San Bernardino Mayoral Primary.  The filing deadline for Mayor is today at 5:30 p.m.

    As far as I can tell, the San Bernardino City Clerk’s Office has removed the links to the Form 501 and Form 410 that have been posted on this site.  If you go into the system manually from the City’s website, the folder “Elections 2013 Public” is no longer visible; if you follow the links on previous posts they are not accessible. For example on the Henry Nickel story, clicking the link returns this error:

     You do not have the necessary permissions to view the entry ‘Henry Nickel Form 501’.

    To be clear, the City of San Bernardino is under no obligation to make these documents accessible online. But it is disappointing nonetheless.

    I swore on Twitter that I would not write about the San Bernardino Primary Municipal Election until the candidates were set in stone.  This is what I can piece together:

    Ryan Hagen reported on Twitter (@sbcitynow) at 6:42 p.m.yesterday that the “list of candidates qualified for the City Council election is finalized. 3 running in the 1st Ward, 2 in the 2nd Ward, 3 in the 4th.”

    He followed up a minute later to report “Ward 1 candidates: Virginia Marquez, John Abad, Casey Dailey,” and a minute later “Ward 2 candidates: Robert Jenkins, Benito Barrios. Ward 4: Fred Shorett, Anthony Jones, Kathy Pinegar”

    He followed that up to say that he watched the City Clerk’s office close at 6 p.m. and that they called him ten minutes later.

    The City Clerk’s Office online doesn’t have much more information.  It says it was last updated on August 8th in the morning.

    The Registrar of Voters says that Kathy Pinegar filed a Declaration of Candidacy on August 6, 2013, nomination papers were issued on 7/31/2013, and filed on 8/6/2013, and that she submitted a candidate statement for the sample ballot, and qualified.  No other 4th Ward candidates are listed.

    The ROV report is undated, but accessed this morning at around 10:20.  It also says that Council Member Robert Jenkins had a candidate statement and qualified. Benito J. Barrios filed a Declaration of Candidacy on August 9, 2013, nomination papers were issued on 8/8/2013, and filed on 8/9/2013.  He prepared a candidate statement and qualified.  No other 2nd Ward candidates are listed.

    In the First Ward, the ROV lists Council Member Virginia Marquez, Casey Dailey and John J. Abad as qualifying, all with candidate statements.

    For Mayor, with the nomination period not  closed if Mayor Patrick Morris did not file, it lists Rick Avila, Richard T. Castro,  Draymond “Dray” Crawford, Carey Davis, Anthony Jones all qualifying. No candidate statements from Richard T. Castro or Rick Avila.

    The qualified candidates (elect three) of the San Bernardino Unified School District are Kaisar Ahmed, Sonia Fernandez, Barbara Flores, Abigail M. Medina, Joe Navarro, Judi Penman and Danny Tillman. No candidate statements from Danny Tillman, Joe Navarro, or Sonia Fernandez.  The incumbents are Dr. Flores, Judi Penman and Danny Tillman.


    Yesterday at 2:10 p.m., the City of San Bernardino posted the Form 501 of Evan J. Gazzolo for the Second Ward Council race in San Bernardino.  The primary election is November 5, 2013. He is running against incumbent Robert Jenkins.

    Little is included on the redacted Form 501, it is filled out by hand, Evan J. Gazzolo failed to check a box in “Office Jurisdiction,” and though the race is nonpartisan, he failed to check the nonpartisan box and wrote “Republican.”

    Of course, Mr. Gazzolo is not alone in putting party affiliation on Form 501.  Jerry Arispi, running for Mayor, put “Democrat;” Anthony Jones, running for 4th Ward Council Member, pub “Republican;”and  Danny Alcarez, running for 1st Ward Council Member put “dem.” As you can see, failure to know that these positions are nonpartisan is a bipartisan problem.

    No other information online was useful regarding Mr. Gazzolo’s campaign.


    According to the list at the Registrar of Voters dated August 5, 2013, the following candidates have pulled nomination papers for the November 5, 2013 San Bernardino Unified School District Election (Vote for 3):


    Kaisar Ahmed (Nomination papers issued 7/19/2013, not yet qualified)

    Sonia Fernandez (Declaration of Candidacy filed 7/29/2013, Nomination papers issued 7/29/2013, Filed 7/29/2013)

    Abigail M. Medina (Declaration of Candidacy filed 7/15/2013, Nomination papers issued 7/15/2013, Filed 7/15/2013)

    Danny Tillman (Declaration of Candidacy filed 7/15/2013, Nomination papers issued 7/15/2013, Filed 7/15/2013)


    Danny Tillman is a current Board Member.  He has also announced that he is running for the United States Congress in the 31st Congressional District of California in the open primary next year.

    As far as I can tell, Kaisar Ahmed is a recent retiree from Cypress Elementary.

    I was not specifically able to find out information about Sonia Fernandez, but there was a mention of a Sonia Fernandez in this story found online. I have no idea if they are the same person.

    From a San Bernardino Unified School District Press Release dated April 30, 2012, Abigail M. Medina was awarded the outstanding parent award for San Gorgonio High School in April 2012.