I have written a bit about the San Bernardino City Attorney Recall Election. Longtime readers of this blog know that I was a Deputy City Attorney for the City of San Bernardino from 2001 to 2006, that I have known Tim Prince through my first legal employer, Legal Aid Society of San Bernardino, Incorporated since 1999, and that everything I know about Gary Saenz is here. There was even speculation that I was going to run for the position in the recall race.

    I strive for independence on this site, I vow to remain neutral, and I know that I will be accused of bias in the race no matter what I say or do.  Let it be.

    With that in mind, here is a fundraising email from Tim Prince running for City Attorney. I am not sure I still have any of the email from Tim Prince’s run for Congress in 2008, but I assume I am still in the database from that run, though I did not sign up for it, nor did I give any money to Tim Prince, and I think I was in Joe Baca’s district at the time, so I am pretty sure I did not vote for Tim Prince in 2008. The email address used in this email was my personal account that I have used since 1992 or 1993.

    The email reads:

    San Bernardino is ready for change!
    With 19,000 signatures collected by the recall
    proponents, the recall of the current City Attorney
    easily met the required 11,855 signatures. While
    I am not part of the recall committee, I have
    placed my name on the ballot as a City Attorney
    candidate should Mr. Penman be recalled.
    Because of the recall situation, it will be a very
    short campaign. I need your support. Even
    though the campaign just started, today at
    midnight is the first deadline for reporting
    campaign contributions. Your support would
    mean a great deal to me. Any amount – $10, $25,
    $50, $100 or more – would help give my
    campaign the kick-start it needs. Please click
    here to donate.
    My opponent, who was recruited and funded by
    the recall group, has a bar card, but no local law
    firm with a business license. I am running on my
    own accord and have deep rooted experience in
    municipal law. I run a local successful law firm
    and have been actively representing individuals,
    businesses and local cities in court for over 22
    The November election includes the seats for
    Mayor and City Council, as well as the recall of
    the City Attorney. The citizens of San
    Bernardino have an unprecedented
    opportunity to reshape the future of San
    Bernardino City.
    My election as City Attorney would return the
    office to one of principles, integrity, and sound
    legal advice without political grandstanding.
    I hope I can count on your support!
    Tim Prince
    P.S. Please act now. Log on to www.timprince2013.com and make
    your donation today! Let’s change city government.
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    A few notes about the email.  I am very surprised by this line: “While I am not part of the recall committee, I have
    placed my name on the ballot as a City Attorney candidate should Mr. Penman be recalled.”  That’s about the nicest thing I ever heard Tim Prince say about Jim Penman. Now, he has said nice things about Mr. Penman to me in the past, and I have heard Mr. Penman say nice things about Tim Prince, but the usual relationship has been contentious.  When I first met Tim Prince in 1999, the first thing we spoke about was Jim Penman. When I went to work for the City of San Bernardino in 2001, we talked about Jim Penman.  Seventy-five percent of what we have ever spoken of  is Jim Penman.  Jim Penman is Tim Prince’s white whale. It can be argued that the election of 1987 is writ large in Tim Prince’s life.  On the other hand, Tim Prince has never taken the opportunity to run directly against Jim Penman, with opportunities in 1991, 1995 (though his partner did run in that race), 1999, 2003, 2007 or 2011.  Technically, he is not running against Jim Penman, he is running to replace Jim Penman if Jim Penman is recalled by the voters.

    Jim Penman, however, is not obsessed with Tim Prince.  Tim Prince was mentioned in context, but so were other political characters of the past: Shauna Clark, Jim Morris, and Bob Holcomb being the largest.

    I am not sure that Gary Saenz  has”no local law firm with a business license.”  Perhaps Tim Prince has different, information, but the San Bernardino City Clerk’s online business registration database (which was very hard to search) had two for Gary Saenz:


    Business Name Business Address Owner Name Business Phone Expiration Date STATUS
    GARY D SAENZ 1010 N D ST GARY D SAENZ (909)388-8727 10/31/2013 Active


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