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    The answer is I could find no data on it.

    Normally, my interest in Riverside County politics is very low. However, we share a media market with them.  I don’t watch commercials in general in the age of the DVR, and I don’t like political commercials. However, let me share a commercial I saw on television today.

    District Attorney Paul Zellerbach’s commercial, which you can find below, seemed to be a very effective commercial.  It was professionally done (I mean, it was done by professionals skilled in campaign commercials), it had all the attack ad music and visuals (the grainy opponent video). When I saw it, I was leaving a restaurant playing the commercial, and it caught my eye, and made me stop, and then I watched it. I found it persuasive.

    Let me first state that I have not researched whether the content of the ad is accurate. The spot is by incumbent District Attorney Paul Zellerbach, and it accuses his rival, Mike Hestrin, of being a deadbeat dad. In fact it is called “Dead Beat Dad”

    In the interest of not taking sides, here is video from challenger Mike Hestrin’s campaign regarding Zellerbach’s record.

    Not a television spot (it’s called a video, but it’s a really long PowerPoint presentation):

    The criticism of this piece is it involved a lot of reading, and it was very long. If Mike Hestrin did a video of the DA  taking down a sign (of which the DA has been accused), that would have been more effective.