City of Ontario

    According to the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters’ website, two candidates were issued nomination papers on January 10, 2013: Larry Walker, whose press releases have been featured prominently here, and Paul Vincent Avila.  Governor Jerry Brown called a special election for Tuesday, March 12, 2013 for the seat vacated by Gloria Negrete McLeod, who resigned to serve in the United States House of Representatives California 35.  The candidate deadline is January 18, 2013.  The alphabet drawing for ballot primacy will be held on January 21, 2013, and early voting begins on February 11, 2013.  The voter registration deadline is February 25, 2013, and the last day to apply to vote by mail is March 5, 2013.   The Special Primary Election for State Senate District 32 is March 12, 2013, and the canvass begins on March 13, 2013.  Under the top two primary system, the top two candidates, no matter if there are only two candidates in the primary election, will stand for election in the Special General Election to be held May 14, 2013.  The Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters only has generic candidate information at this time.

    The three options for San Bernardino County voters (District 32 also includes portions of Los Angeles County) are to vote early, vote by mail, or vote at a physical polling place.  As of today, two candidates have taken out papers, Larry Walker, who I have written about numerous times before, and Paul Vincent Avila, Ontario City Council Member and perennial candidate

    Many voters in the district know about Larry Walker since he is a countywide elected official and has held other offices, but because this is a blog primarily for and about the people of the City of San Bernardino, here is a little of what I gathered about Paul Vincent Avila and his frequent runs for office:

    He was a candidate for or member of  the following offices at the following times:

    1. Member, Ontario City Council, Elected November 6, 2012: Paul Vincent Avila, 9,876 votes, second highest to Debra Porada’s 12,042, the remaining candidates were Robert Tippin, 2,272 votes, Ruben Valencia, 7,654 votes, Paul C. Mimmack, 3,230 votes, Sheila Mautz, 7,148 votes, C. Muhammad, 2,256 votes, John B. Lira, 2,044 votes, and  Josie S. Estrada, 5,651 votes.

    2. Candidate, California Assembly, District 52, Primary June 5, 2012: Paul Vincent Avila, 3,417 votes, Ray Moors, 1,969 votes, Kenny Coble, 9,729 votes, Norma J. Torres, 10,851 votes.  Top two, Kenny Coble and Norma J. Torres advanced to the General Election on November 6, 2012.

    3. Member, Ontario-Montclair School District (Top three elected), November 2, 2010: Paul Vincent Avila (elected), 7,753 votes, Elvia M. Rivas (elected), 6,899 votes, David Campio, 4,177 votes, J. Steve Garcia, 6,173 votes, Kris Brake (elected), 7,595, votes, Sandra Escamilla, 4,512 votes, Benjamin Lopez, 4,213 votes, Christopher Agrella, 1,960 votes.

    4. Candidate, Democratic Primary, California Board of Equalization, June 8, 2010, District 2: Paul Vincent Avila  138,441 votes, Chris Parker,220,120 votes, Mark L. Stebbins, 87,514 votes.

    5. Candidate, Governing Board Chaffey Community College District Board, November 3, 2009: (Top two elected): Paul Vincent Avila, 5,512 votes, Irene Hernandez-Blair, 5,491 votes, Christopher Agrella, 3,245 votes, Katie Roberts, 15,203 votes, Kathleen “Kathy” Brugger, 14,328 votes.

    6. Candidate, Ontario City Council, November 4, 2008: Paul Vincent Avila, 10,346 votes, Sheila Mautz (elected), 12,698 votes, Debra Porada (elected), 10,783 votes, Jason Anderson, 9,377 votes, Ken White, 6,614 votes, Jack Cunningham, 4,543 votes, Hossein Nikyar, 959 votes.

    7. Candidate, Democratic Primary, California Assembly, District 61, June 3, 2008, Paul Vincent Avila, 2,019 votes, Norma J. Torres (primary winner), 5,297 votes, Ken White, 2,961 votes, Maurice E. Ayala, 1,077 votes.

    8. Candidate, Governing Board Chaffey Community College District Board, November 6, 2007: (Top three elected): Paul Vincent Avila, 8,512 votes, Gary L. George (elected) 14,828 votes, Lee C. McDougal (elected), 14,304 votes, Paul J. Gomez, 11,514 votes(elected), Gregg T. Ross, 9,579 votes, Write-in, 210 votes.

    9. Candidate, Council Member, City of Ontario (Top two elected), November 7, 2006: Paul Vincent Avila, 3,770 votes, Alan Wapner (elected) 7,105 votes, Jim W. Bowman (elected), 6,978 votes, Gabe Chavez, 6,361 votes, Samuel Crowe, 5,347 votes, Josie S. Estrada, 4,773 votes, Tony Ballardo, 2,196 votes, Write-in, 59 votes.

    10. Candidate, Democratic Primary, California Assembly, District 61, 2006: Paul Vincent Avila, 4,495 votes, Nell Soto (advanced), 10,565 votes, Write-in (SB County only), 44 votes.

    11. Member, Ontario-Montclair School District, November 8, 2005, elected, (Top Three elected): Paul Vincent Avila, 7,573 votes (elected), Julian Steve Garcia (elected), 9,832 votes, Debra Porada (elected), 7,901 votes, David Van Fleet, 7,280 votes, James B. Downs, 6,956 votes, Write-in, 119 votes.

    12. Candidate, Council Member, City of Ontario (Top two elected), November 2, 2004: Paul Vincent Avila, 4,451 votes, Paul S. Leon (elected), 13,971 votes, Jason Anderson (elected, 8,555 votes, Debra Dorst-Porada, 7,035 votes, Jose “Tony” Ballardo, 4,694 votes, Susan C. Melanson, 4,356 votes, Mike Milliner, 3,959 votes, Richard R. Galvez, 3,108 votes, Katie Bent, 1,695 votes, Michael Voeltz, 1,354 votes, Al Dubiel, 508 votes, Write-in, 133 votes.

    13. Candidate, Council Member, City of Ontario (Top two elected), November 2, 2004: Paul Vincent Avila, 3,505 votes, Alan Wapner (elected), 6,398 votes, Gerald “Jerry” Dubois (elected) 6,124 votes, Gabriel Chavez, 5,645 votes, Maricela Sanchez, 3,889 votes, Marianne Perumean, 3,797 votes, Sean M. Moore, 2,222 votes.

    14. Candidate, San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors 4th District, March 5, 2002,: Paul Vincent Avila, 4,829 votes, Fred Aguiar (elected), 20,308 (80.7 percent of the vote).

    15. Candidate, Board of Trustees, Ontario-Montclair Elementary District, November 6, 2001: (Top three elected), Paul Vincent Avila, 1,401 votes, James B. Downs, 1,646 votes, Debra Dorst-Porada, 1,029 votes, Daniel “Dan” Contreras, 743 votes, David Van Fleet, 1,604 votes, Ruben Gonzales, 905 votes, J Steve Garcia, 1478 votes.

    16. Candidate, Chino Basin Water Conservation District, Director Division 3: Paul Vincent Avila: 385 votes, Brent Armstrong, 258 votes, John T. Reddick (elected), 1,211 votes.

    17. Candidate, Council Member, City of Ontario (Top two elected), November 7, 2000: Paul Vincent Avila, 8,945 votes, Paul S. Leon (elected) 11,719 votes, Deborah “Debbie” Acker (elected), 10,158 votes, Ricard R. Galvez, 4,770 votes, Rick Schmollinger, 1,260 votes, Helen A. Seagull, 2,723 votes, Patrick “Pat” King, 9,284 votes.

    18. Candidate,  Open Primary, California Assembly, District 61, March 7, 2000: Paul Vincent Avila (Democrat), 10,089 votes, Gloria Negrete McLeod (Democrat) 16,053 votes, Robert S. “Bob” Demallie (Republican) 9,996 votes, David Kocot (Libertarian), 886 votes, Dennis R. Yates (Republican), 10,667 votes, Edward S. “Eddie” Cortez (Republican), 9,628 votes, Votes not cast, 8,636 votes.

    19. Candidate, Governing Board Chaffey Community College District Board (Vote for 3), November 2, 1999: Paul Vincent Avila: 11,406 votes, Gloria Negrete McLeod (elected) 16,007 votes, Paul J. Gomez (elected), 14,681 votes, Paul A. Treadway (elected), 13,028 votes.

    20. Candidate, Council Member, City of Ontario (Top two elected), November 3, 1998: Paul Vincent Avila, 4,897 votes, Alan Wapner (elected), 7,472 votes, Gerald A. Dubois (elected), 5,798 votes, Debra Dorst-Porada, 2,605 votes, Debbie Acker, 2,608 votes, Jeffry W. Abel, 1,792 votes, Gabriel Chavez, 2,606 votes, John Sabbath, 2,176 votes.

    21. Candidate, Democratic Primary, California State Senate Democratic Primary, District 32, June 2, 1998. Paul Vincent Avila 11,795 votes, Joe Baca 37,321 votes.

    22. Member, Board of Trustees, Ontario-Montclair Elementary District, November 4, 1997: (Top three elected), Paul Vincent Avila (elected), 1,576 votes, David Van Fleet (elected), 2,066 votes, James B. Downs (elected), 2,050 votes, Benjamin Lopez, 1,253 votes, Paul S. Kielsmeir Sr., 1,330 votes.

    23. Candidate, California Assembly, District 61, November 5, 1996: Paul Vincent Avila (Democrat), 32,445 votes, Fred Aguiar (Republican) elected, 44,314 votes, Michael Alan Pilatch (Libertarian), 3,800 votes.

    24. Member, Board of Trustees, Ontario-Montclair Elementary District, November 1993.

    25. Candidate, Democratic Primary, California Assembly, District 61, March 26, 1996: Paul Vincent Avila, 12,969 votes, Votes Not Cast, 4,855 votes.

    He ran for election at least, 25 times, with a record of 7 wins (four for the Ontario-Montclair District, one for the City of Ontario) and 18 losses.  According to the Daily Bulletin, he did not spend any money on his successful Ontario council race.  If he and Larry Walker are the only two candidates for the Special Primary Election, he will have improved to 8-18.

    His wife, Maryanne Margaret Avila, has run in a number of elections, too.