Mayor and Common Council

    Two people are running for the Second Ward Council seat on November 5, 2013; incumbent Robert Jenkins and challenger Benito Barrios.

    Robert Jenkins:




    Mailing Address:

    732 Niles Street

    San Bernardino, CA 92404

    Phone: 909-474-9409
    Benito Barrios: Facebook:

    There are three candidates for the First Ward Common Council seat on the November 5, 2013 ballot. Here is there contact information:

    Virginia Marquez (incumbent): No online contact information (other than the Qualified Candidates statement found at the City’s website) found as of 10/1/2013.

    John Abad: No online contact information (other than the Qualified Candidates statement found at the City’s website) found as of 10/1/2013.

    Casey Dailey: Facebook:




    Phone number: (909) 648-5715

    The same problem I had with Chas Kelley and Wendy McCammack is that it takes awhile for Google to catch up to new events. Google rewards longstanding content, so older information about these two candidates, who have long been in the public eye, is delivered before the newer content.  Candidates should either keep a continuous web presence (like Rikke Van Johnson), or at least start earlier in the cycle.


    Phone: 909-648-3506

    Mailing address from website: 5066 N. Varsity Avenue,

    San Bernardino, CA 92407

    I said last week that I couldn’t find Wendy McCammack for Mayor’s social media sites, but I have corrected that post.  Here is Wendy McCammack’s Mayoral Facebook Page. 



    Address: 396 W Highland Ave., San Bernardino, CA.

    Phone number: 909-886-8677





    The San Bernardino Mayoral Primary Election is November 5, 2013.

    Websites, Contact Information and Social Media for San Bernardino Mayoral Candidates in no particular order:


    Henry W. Nickel


    Telephone: (909) 733-6208



    Wendy McCammack




    Physical Address: 396 W Highland Ave., San Bernardino, CA.

    Phone number: 909-886-8677


    Matthew C. Korner




    Phone: (909) 648-2844

    Chas A. Kelley


    Phone: 909-648-3506

    Mailing address from website: 5066 N. Varsity Avenue,

    San Bernardino, CA 92407

    Rikke Van Johnson



    Phone number (from campaign website): (909) 725-1053 ph

    Email (from campaign website):

    Karmel Roe


    Contact Information from Campaign Website

    Address: 1177 North E Street, San Bernardino, CA

    Phone Number: (909) 887-5787


    Concepcion M. Powell




    Carey Davis






    Draymond (Dray) Crawford


    Email (from campaign website):

    Phone (from campaign website): (909) 374-4843


    Richard T. Castro




    Rick P. Avila

    No campaign website found.

    So far nothing has been written on City Attorney James F. “Jim” Penman’s Recall Election campaign, beyond this post.  I strive to remain neutral in these elections; however, I have some observations.

    I have not seen any signs in San Bernardino.  I have not received official campaign literature.  I have not received a fundraising letter from the campaign itself.  I have been informed that there is an October 2nd 2013 fundraiser against the recall.  The flier for the fundraiser has a campaign style sign in the upper right hand corner that says “San Bernardino is Not For Sale NO Recall.

    According to the flier, the fundraiser is cosponsored by former Mayors Judith Valles, Evlyn Wilcox, and Dr. Barbara Flores. Also according to the flier, the honorary co-sponsors are Retired Superior Court Judges Paul Bryant, Stanley W. Hodge, Craig Kamansky, John Martin, and John Wade. The flier says that more honorary co-sponsors are attorneys Joe Arias, Rene Jacober, George Theios, Bradley White, and the law firm of Gresham, Savage, Nolan and Tilden.  More co-sponsors, according to the flier are Sharon Gaitan-Blechinger of the Mexico Cafe, Robert Gastel of Arrowhead Mechanical, Jack Katzman, ABO, Inc., George Kritikos, George’s Burgers, and Jeremy LeClair of The Mug Restaurant. The flier says that it is a partial list.

    In the 2011 election, I said:

    When I was a Deputy City Attorney for the City of San Bernardino, I learned a thing or two about San Bernardino politics.   One was that you shouldn’t bother spending money before Labor Day for a November election.  The second thing I learned is that with more voters using vote by mail (what used to be called absentee voting), candidates have to send direct mail earlier, and last minute hit pieces don’t work as well as they used to do.  Typically, a candidate will send a positive mailer first, particularly if they are not well-known.

    What surprises me now, if there is such a thing left as surprise in modern San Bernardino politics, is that I have not received any mail from City Attorney James F. Penman in this cycle.  The first ballots should arrive in in the second week in October.  I do not recall that there was a working James F. Penman website in the 2011 race.  There is not one now, but I would argue that electronic campaign presence is more important now than in the past.  If you look at the 2011-2012 San Bernardino City Clerk’s race, which was so close, a modern campaign must use all electronic means to contact supporters and voters.

    History shows that City Attorney James F. Penman’s  election margins and votes have gone down since 1995.  That can be attributed to a number factors, including changing of demographics, with some of City Attorney James F. Penman’s core supporters either leaving the City, leaving the area, and sometimes ceasing to exist, either by changing from a supporter to an opponent, or shall we euphemistically say, “pining for the fjords.

    What is the support for the assertion that City Attorney Jim Penman is losing support?

    Here are the results by election:

    19870307 Primary Municipal Election James Frank “Jim” Penman  No data
    Ralph H. Prince  No Data
    19910305 Primary Municipal Election James Frank “Jim” Penman  No Data
    19951107 Primary Municipal Election Jim Penman 9305 72.82 SB Clerk
    Stan Tomlinson 3472 27.17 13,893 ballots cast, 77,185 registered voters
    No Vote Recorded 1116 Not included
    19991102 Primary Municipal Election James Frank “Jim” Penman 7560 100 SBROV
    20031104 Primary Municipal Election Jim Penman 7,999 96.11 SBROV
    Write-In 324 3.89
    20071106 Primary Municipal Election James Frank “Jim” Penman 7,001 51.46 SBROV
    Marianne Milligan 6,557 48.2
    Write-In 47 0.35
    20111108 Primary Municipal Election James Frank “Jim” Penman 6,447 51.72 ROV/Clerk
    David L. McKenna 6,019 48.28
    No Vote Recorded 489 Not included 12,955 ballots cast

    What does this data mean? Though the population has increased from 1990 (164,164) to now (2012 estimate: 213,295), an increase of thirty percent, Jim Penman’s votes have fallen about 30 percent.

    These numbers should be alarming to City Attorney James F. Penman’s campaign.  The 2011 numbers should also be alarming to Jim Penman’s campaign.  The 489 undervotes, spoiled ballots, or unrecognized write-ins had a potential of changing the election.  Again, the 2011-2012 City Clerk elections shows every vote counts.

    Even more alarming are the reported number of valid recall signatures.  Though a signature is not a vote, as there are multiple barriers to voting versus signing a petition, and even though there were allegations of signature fraud, the reported number of valid signatures is 11,855, just over the required 15 percent of registered voters at the time of the circulation of the petition:

    There were 11,855 valid signatures to recall Penman, out of 77,254 registered voters, according to Hanna. That’s 15.3 percent, just over the 15 percent threshold to put a city-wide office on the ballot for a recall.  The Sun, Ryan Hagen, “Penman, two council members to be on San Bernardino recall ballot,” posted at .

    The Certificate of Sufficiency of Recall Petition of City Attorney is attached to Resolution 2013-259 passed 5-0-2 at the September 3, 2013 Mayor and Common Council Meeting . The Certificate states that 11,588 valid signatures to qualify, which is shown as 15 percent of 77,254 registered voters. 18,070 signatures were submitted, 18,070 were verified, of which 11,855 were found valid, and 6,215 were found invalid.

    It can and has been said that 59,184 voters did not validly sign a recall petition, and that the recall only had 267 more valid signatures over the minimum.  However, in the November 8, 2011 election, only 12,955 ballots were cast in total.  11,588 valid signatures were found by the City Clerk.  Even if Mr. Penman equals the number of votes (6,447) he received in that election, there are still 5,141 more signatures to recall Mr. Penman in 2013 than votes for Mr. Penman in 2011.

    Recalls are sufficiently rare in San Bernardino that voters may need to be educated on how to vote.  The Penman campaign must educate voters that they must vote “No” to retain James F. Penman.  That can be confusing to some voters.  However, that information is to my knowledge not available to voters.

    It has been argued that the replacement candidates are not sufficiently attractive to motive voters to the polls.  However, this is not a single-issue election, and the number of races exceeds the 2011 Primary Municipal Election. Further, there were huge negatives to the last two challengers.  The two replacement candidates are both longtime San Bernardino residents, if nothing else. It would be a mistake to underestimate the replacement candidates.

    Should City Attorney James F. Penman wish to finish the term to which he was elected in November 8, 2011, he should be concerned about the decline in votes, the number of valid petitions.  The first ballots will be in the hands of voters in a few weeks, the election will be over in about a month and half. No doubt he is sufficiently concerned, however, we have not seen that concern translate into outreach, including traditional walking precincts, campaign mail, or new media.


    I was lamenting that I had not received any campaign material to republish or link, and lo and behold, I received a color door hanger from Mayoral Candidate Carey Davis.

    This site is neutral, there will be no endorsements. As I’ve stated in the past, I’ll post almost anything that I receive, as shown by this Gil Navarro postcard (front and back) published in 2011. The one exception is that this site is non-commercial and non-partisan, which means if I get inundated with day job work, or there is a ton of material coming near election day, I cannot always post everything I receive.  This is not a commentary on the information received.  If you are a candidate, feel free to send me information that you want me to post, if you think it would be helpful.  I am especially interested in information from the 7th and 3rd Ward Recalls (as I do not receive those in the mail), the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Ward Common Council races, which I also don’t receive in the mail.

    Sometimes I will add value to the campaign literature, sometimes I do not. Also, I find campaign email worthy of posting.

    Technically this is not a door hanger. However, it was found near a door, and presumably, the candidate or his cohorts, companions, minions, volunteers, family and/or friends were walking the neighborhood when it was left on September 20, 2013.

    The door hanger says on Side One:




    San Bernardino!
    Carey Davis
    Qualified, Dedicated,
    and has the

    On Side Two:

    Who Is Carey Davis?
    • Trusted and experienced leader with integrity; committed
    to return San Bernardino to financial health.
    • 35 years successful accounting and financial management
    • Certified Public Accountant (CPA).
    • Master’s Business Administration, Cal State San
    Bernardino (CSUSB).
    • Born and raised in San Bernardino; Pacific High School
    class of ’70.
    • Married 40 years, Carey and Johnetta raised their four
    children to serve their families and communities.
    • Local church leader.
    What Is Carey’s Vision?
    • Fix the city’s budget and finances.
    • Work together with public and private resources to develop
    a community-wide plan to revive and upgrade city services
    to keep our community safe, clean and responsive to daily
    and emergency needs.
    • Build a politically stable unified city council focused and
    committed to motivate our community to continually work
    together to successfully implement the city’s plan.
    • Keep citizens informed and involved in building our
    city’s future.
    • Collaborate with our city’s education and business leaders
    to formulate a plan to educate and train a skilled
    • Rebuild our city into a prosperous and industrious
    P.O. Box 23060
    San Bernardino, CA 92406

    (Symbols for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Blogger, and what looks like Twitter again)
    Paid for by CAREY DAVIS FOR MAYOR 2013 Committee • FPPC #1357926


    The second page has a QR code that points to


    I received this email from the Anthony Jones campaign:


    Anthony Jones campaign reception/endorsement announcement.

    Thursday, September 19, 2013

    5:30pm – 8:30pm

    Century 21 Showcase

    7835 Church Street, Highland CA 92346

    Hors D’oeuvres and hosted bar will be available

    Presented by:

    Century 21 Showcase

    Mike Stoffel

    San Bernardino Police Officers Association

    Paul Herrera

    For more information or  RSVP to Dolores (909) 214-6274

    Paid for by Anthony Jones for City Council 2013

    28097 Bradley Road, Menifee,  CA  92586

    FPPC# 1359119

    Anthony Jones
    Century 21 Showcase


    As promised, I’ll publish anything that is sent to me, or mailed to me, unless it is sent to me privately and not intended to be published.  I can only imagine that this means that SBPOA is endorsing Anthony Jones for 4th Ward.

    The City Clerk’s online records now has a “Requested” folder, which I can only guess means documents requested as a California Public Records Act request, which are then put in the Requested folder for the requester, and then anyone else who wants to see it can be referred to the folder.  The folder has the Form 460 for the Recall proponents, the campaign filings of Council members Chas Kelley and Robert Jenkins.  There are three bankruptcy-related resolutions related to the City’s bankruptcy outside council.

    The City Clerk’s Office had a useful Elections 2013 folder that was taken down by the City Clerk’s Office.

    In my last update, I had mostly nothing on Matt Korner’s campaign.

    However, I have since found his Facebook Page: Matt Korner for Mayor.

    The page was launched on August 1o, 2013.

    He says that he is a second generation native of San Bernardino, and a fourth-generation resident.

    He gives this information in his “about” section:

    Join the movement to help build the new San Bernardino.
    – (909) 648-2844
    Volunteer to call likely supporters! Host a campaign event! Knock on doors with other volunteers! Write a letter to the editor! Get free campaign signs!

    Contact us, or visit the organizing headquarters opening soon.

    Help donate to the campaign here: More

    That’s basically it so far.