City of San Bernardino General Election 2012

    A new mailer was sent recently paid for by the Friends of Amelia Sanchez Lopez for San Bernardino City Clerk 2011.  It is an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet printed in color.  The front is titled: “Our Voice at City Hall Integrity… Dedication… Experience.”

    The next section is titled “Leadership For Working Families.”  Under the title is a quote from Laurie Stalnaker, Secretary/Treasurer of the Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties:  “Working families can count on Amelia Sanchez Lopez to protect our right to vote and to oppose unfair budget cuts at City Hall.”   Next to the quote is a black and white photograph titled: “Five generations of Amelia’s family have lived and worked in San Bernardino.  (Amelia second from right-back row.  Judging from the clothing in the photograph, I would estimate that the picture is from the 1960s.

    In the middle of the front page, another section is titled “Experience To Serve Our Community.” The section features a quote from United States Congressman Joe Baca that states the: “residents of San Bernardino will benefit greatly from Amelia’s experience, leadership and commitment to providing transparency and quality city services.”  Next to the quote is a color photograph of Joe Baca.

    The bottom of the front page has a color picture with Former Mayor Judith Valles with Amelia Sanchez Lopez.  The bottom of the flier says “Join Labor, Firefighters & Community Leaders” and “Vote by Mail Amelia Sanchez Lopez Your Next City Clerk.

    The back of the mailer says “Important Message for Democrats.”  It quotes Ron Wall, Chair of the San Bernardino County Democratic Central Committee as saying the “San Bernardino Democratic Party endorses Amelia Sanchez Lopez for City Clerk.  She will ensure honest elections for all the people of San Bernardino.”

    A large color photograph of Amelia Sanchez Lopez is in the center left of the back of the mailer.

    The mailer concludes with the same contact information for Amelia Sanchez Lopez: (909) 882-7085 or or and “SPECIAL VOTE-BY-MAIL ELECTION Please mail in your ballot as soon as possible!”