City of San Bernardino Primary Election 2012

    Is it too early to handicap the November 2013 City of San Bernardino Municipal Elections?  Considering the bankruptcy and the whispers of disincorporation, perhaps.  But let’s not let that stop a first look, with no handicapping.

    When we last left the City of San Bernardino Municipal Elections in 2012 (because of the General Election for City Clerk), we had Georgeann “Gigi” Hanna winning a four year term as City Clerk, James F. “Jim” Penman winning a seventh term, Wendy McCammack winning a fourth term in the Seventh Ward, Chas Kelley re-elected to the Fifth Ward, Rikke Van Johnson re-elected to the Sixth Ward, and John Valdivia elected to his first term in the Third Ward, as well as David Kennedy re-elected as City Treasurer.
    What positions are open in November 2013 in the City of San Bernardino Primary Municipal Election?


    First Ward Council

    Second Ward Council

    Fourth Ward Council


    As always, there may be a charter amendment initiative consolidated onto the primary election ballot.