J.W. Catick

    From the San Francisco Call March 17, 1913


    Aspirants for San Bernardino Offices Beaten by Illegal Petitions

    SAN BERNARDINO. March 16.— Four of the five candidates for mayor and six of, the 13 candidates for other Important offices are disqualified as the result of the discovery that the wrong figures were taken as the basis for the number of signatures required to get their names on the ballot for the election April 14.

    The situation is declared to be unprecedented in the history of municipal elections in California.

    The primary had been eliminated and candidates were to go on the general election ballot by Independent petition.

    J. W. Catick is the only candidate for the mayoralty who is qualified by having a sufficient number of names on his nominating petition. Mayor J. S. Bright, Thomas Holmes, W. E. Irving and L. William Gurr, the others, are out of the race.

    The city is in a political turmoil as a result of the wholesale disqualifications, and attorneys representing the candidates who had an insufficient number of names on their petitions admitted tonight that there was no chance for the correction of the mistakes. The campaign already had furnished much excitement because of the probability of a winning fight by Gurr, the socialist candidate for mayor in a five cornered fight.

    Here’s a spoiler alert: J.W. Catick won.