Jerry Arispi

    Yesterday at 2:10 p.m., the City of San Bernardino posted the Form 501 of Evan J. Gazzolo for the Second Ward Council race in San Bernardino.  The primary election is November 5, 2013. He is running against incumbent Robert Jenkins.

    Little is included on the redacted Form 501, it is filled out by hand, Evan J. Gazzolo failed to check a box in “Office Jurisdiction,” and though the race is nonpartisan, he failed to check the nonpartisan box and wrote “Republican.”

    Of course, Mr. Gazzolo is not alone in putting party affiliation on Form 501.  Jerry Arispi, running for Mayor, put “Democrat;” Anthony Jones, running for 4th Ward Council Member, pub “Republican;”and  Danny Alcarez, running for 1st Ward Council Member put “dem.” As you can see, failure to know that these positions are nonpartisan is a bipartisan problem.

    No other information online was useful regarding Mr. Gazzolo’s campaign.

    The people running for Mayor of the City of San Bernardino keeps growing.  The last post, in April highlighed Rick Avila and Rikke Van Johnson:

    2014 is the date of the general election should no one get a majority in the primary municipal election on November 5, 2013.   It is also the date the mayor-elect (should Mayor Patrick J. Morris not run again, as reported) will be sworn-in.

    Here is Council Member Rikke Van Johnson’s Form 501.  If he indeed filed a Form 410, it is not available online as of April 24, 2013.  The Form 501 is signed and dated February 22, 2013, stamped received by the Secretary of State on February 27, 2013, filed and crossed-out by the Registrar of Voters on some date (presumably sent from the Secretary of State to the Registrar of Voters, not realizing that the City Clerk is the elections official), and then filed by the City Clerk on March 28, 2013.

    Other than that donation page and the footer that says “Paid for by Elect Rikke Van Johnson for Mayor 2014,” the site does not seem to mention Rikke Van Johnson’s platform for Mayor of San Bernardino.

    Rick Avila does not appear to have a Form 501 online, but the aforementioned Form 410 is available here. Rick Avila does not appear to have a campaign website active at this moment.  Most links I could find refer to earlier runs.  For example, this post from this site, A Brief History of Mayoral Elections in San Bernardino from 1905 to 2013, Rick Avila has run twice before:

    Additionally, Draymond M. Crawford II filed FPPC Form 501 on March 13, 2013 stating his intention to run for Mayor in 2013.  That completed form is found on the City’s website.  He announced last year, and his website is here.

    Also running according to the City’s website: Concepción M. Powell, who filed her Form 501 on March 27, 2013.  She has a mayoral website.

    R. Carey Davis filed a Form 501 on April 8, 2013.

    Karmel F. Roe filed a Form 501 on April 3, 2013, but signed on March 19, 2013 .  She has a mayoral website,

    So far,  five candidates for Mayor of San Bernardino have taken steps towards candidacy.”

    Well, now the total is, as of July 10, 2013, is nine.  That’s more than the modern era (which I count from 1987), when on November 4, 1997, there were a total of 6 candidates:


    #PCT: 49
    #RPT: 49
    %RPT: 100.0%

    Vote for: 1



















    That resulted in a General Election in 1998 between former City Attorney Ralph Prince’s son Timothy Prince and the eventual victor, Judith Valles.  Of course, people filing a Form 501 are not necessarily candidates that have qualified.

    What new information do I have on the people running?

    First, the original six: Karmel Roe has filed a Form 410.  Rikke Van Johnson has filed an original and an amended Form 410.  Rick Avila’s Form 501 is still not available online, and I still can’t find a campaign website. Draymond Crawford II’s Form 410 is now available online. Concepción M. Powell’s Form 410 is now available online. R. Carey Davis has filed a Form 410, but still doesn’t have a website that I could find.

    As to the new three:

    Betty Jean Long, a long-time public commenter during Mayor and Common Council meetings, dating back to when I was a Deputy City Attorney filed a Form 501. No website was found.

    Jerry Arispi, who lists himself as a Democrat  on the Form 501, has filed the Form 501.  He has a mayoral website.  His website says that he is a “a former small business owner, community organizer and graduate of Florida State University College of Law (FSU).”

    Lastly, needing no introduction is City Council Member Wendy McCammack.  She filed her Form 501 on May 16, 2013. She filed her Form 410 on May 16, 2013. I was unable to find a campaign website, and if the past is any indication, she uses Facebook for campaigns.