Joe Navarri

    The San Bernardino elections political mail drought continued through the weekend.  Apparently, no one has any money this cycle.  However, upon a visit to Baguette Express at 1689 Kendall Drive, Suite D, San Bernardino, CA 92407, while waiting for my banh mi and spring rolls to be made, I found the first piece of literature I have seen for the San Bernardino City Unified School District election on November 5, 2013.  Here it is, Kaisar Ahmed for San Bernardino School Board handbill.  Here it is:


    Please vote for:
    Education/Experience                                    Goals/Mission
    Retired School Teacher                                   Educate Every Child
    Parent of an Autistic Child                             Effective Teacher Training
    Community Volunteer                                    Communicate with Public
    Team Player                                                      Budget Hawk

    For information, contact at:

    The handbill is simple, and pretty much the other end of the spectrum, for better or worse, from the glossy Eloise Gomez Reyes brochure in the Congressional Primary next year:

    I also found this Facebook page in support of Kaisar Ahmed’s candidacy:

    The qualified candidates for San Bernardino Unified School District Board of Trustees (quoting my earlier post):

    The qualified candidates (elect three) of the San Bernardino Unified School District are Kaisar Ahmed, Sonia Fernandez, Barbara Flores, Abigail M. Medina, Joe Navarro, Judi Penman and Danny Tillman. No candidate statements from Danny Tillman, Joe Navarro, or Sonia Fernandez.  The incumbents are Dr. Flores, Judi Penman and Danny Tillman.

    As of this writing, I am not finding anything online for Sonia Fernandez. She is listed on the ballot as “College Student”

    There is a blog from the last election of incumbent Dr. Barbara Flores:

    Abigail Medina, listed on the ballot as Parent/Businesswoman, has the following information online:


    Address: P.O. Box 145

    Highland CA 92346

    Campaign phone number: (909) 522-9926

    Joe Navarro: No information could be found online at this time. His ballot designation is “No Ballot Designation.”

    Judi Penman: No campaign information could be found online.  Judi Penman is an incumbent, and that is her ballot designation.

    Danny Tillman: No campaign information could be found online.  Danny Tillman is an incumbent, and that is his ballot designation.  Danny Tillman is also running in the June 2014 31st Congressional District primary.  That campaign website can be found here.