Mike Feuer

    Feuer Mike 1973 Golden Vally Junior High

    Here are the election night returns from the Los Angeles City Attorney primary, taken from the City Clerk’s page today:

    CITY ATTORNEY                          Votes                        Percent
    CARMEN “NUCH”                           80,587                     30.17%
    NOEL WEISS                                     23,045                     8.62%
    MIKE FEUER                                   116,883                    43.76%
    GREG SMITH                                     46,578                     17.43%
    Mike Feuer received the most votes, 116,883.  Mr. Feuer was born and raised in San Bernardino, and it is my understanding that his father was principal of Golden Valley Junior High School at some point (though the princpal when Mike Feuer attended was future San Bernardino City Council member Betty Anderson). The picture above is from 1973 when he attended the then-Golden Valley Junior High School.  According to his Wikipedia page, Mike Feuer was valedictorian of San Bernardino High School in 1976.  He went on to Harvard for both undergraduate and law school.  When I was growing up in San Bernardino, Harvard admitted someone from one of the San Bernardino high schools about once every two years, so that is an impressive feat.

    It is always good to see “local boy makes good” news from San Bernardino.