Old News

    I made a Public Records Act request yesterday at the San Bernardino City Clerk’s Office to obtain the canvass of the 1995 City Attorney’s race.  I don’t have access to an digital archives of newspapers, and it bothered me that the newspapers in the 2011 election said that Jim Penman beat Stan Tomlinson by 3 to 1 in 1995 without giving the actual results. In 1995, I was in Santa Clara, so I don’t recall the election at all. Though in trying to find the result before making the CPRA request, I did see that Stan Tomlinson and Ralph Prince both ran for District Attorney (and presumably both lost) of San Bernardino County in 1974, a fact which I had been heretofore unaware.  Anyway, I have the complete results, but I’ll just distill them to the basics (Note: 3 to 1 overstates it):


    19951107 Primary Municipal Election Jim Penman 9305 72.82
    Stan Tomlinson 3472 27.17 13,893 ballots cast, 77,185 registered voters
    No Vote Recorded 1116 Not included