Partisan Politics

    In 2011 (before the bankruptcy) I wrote this:

    In the run-up to the Iraq war in 2003, factions in the City of San Bernardino wished to debate the merits and demerits of such an invasion.  City Attorney Jim Penman wrote a piece called Why We Try To Keep Partisan Politics Out of City Council Meetings, which to this day is on the City Attorney’s official website.  By partisan, the City Attorney was referring to Republicans and Democrats national politics versus nonpartisan local California offices.

    . . .
    I have been accused by supporters of the City Attorney of being a  secret David L. McKenna supporter, and a staunch Pat Morris supporter and former appointed official felt the need to write to me and say that City Attorney Jim Penman was terrible and had to go.  I think it is a testimony to my neutrality is that both sides think I support the other.  As a local small businessman, I am independent and neutral, because I have to work with all sides in the City, no matter who is in power.

    As the new election season dominates, with the San Bernardino Primary Municipal Election scheduled for November 5, 2013, and another possible election during or after, here is a little about this blog.

    This information is provided as a public service.  There is very little, even in the two local dailies, about San Bernardino politics.  I stay neutral.  I try to treat everyone equally, however, I try to inject some realism.  Some candidates are not going to be elected.  I try not merely aggregate other sources; instead, I try to add value or commentary.  I do not have the time to be in the news gathering business. I am not a journalist.

    As far as contact from candidates, elected officials and campaigns, I do not solicit the contact.  When I am given campaign information, I link to it or publish it. It helps if the campaign or candidate tells me that they want something published, because my legal training makes me hesitant to publish something without being told to do so.

    As to the focus of this blog: it’s called San Bernardino Politics, and I have commented on matters outside of the City of San Bernardino and San Bernardino Unified School District. Since the bankruptcy, I have mostly written on electoral politics rather than day-to-day governance of the City.

    As far as comments, I am not sure anyone has ever commented here.  All comments are moderated. You need to use your real name.

    How (un)popular is this site?  Yesterday, as has been typical of this week, there were 93 page views, 24 phrases being searched, 3 views from Twitter (I have 19 followers), and 4 clicks on links.  I would estimate that there are maybe 35 discrete viewers or so per day right now. Closer to the election, it will probably be double that.

    The record for views was 1881, which is much more than my law blog has ever seen in a day, and it was the day after the November 2012 election.  When I’m not writing new content, there are about 40 views a day of archive materials.