Pete Aguilar

    Here’s a roundup of unofficial numbers from the County of San Bernardino Registrar of Voters.

    There were two measures put on the ballot by the Mayor and Common Council of the City of San Bernardino to amend the Charter of the City of San Bernardino.

    Measure Q would have effectively repealed Charter Section 186, and was defeated:

    Measure Q – City of San Bernardino
    182/182 100.00%
    Vote Count Percent
    YES 7,112 44.68%
    NO 8,804 55.32%
    Total 15,916 100.00%



    Measure R amends the Charter of the City of San Bernardino:

    Measure R – City of San Bernardino
    182/182 100.00%
    Vote Count Percent
    YES 8,532 54.76%
    NO 7,048 45.24%
    Total 15,580 100.00%


    Former Fourth Ward Council Member Neil Derry lost his bid for one of three City of Redlands Council Seats, getting more votes then only Tabetha Wittenmyer, who dropped out, and newcomer John Harrison Montgomery:

    City of Redlands – City Council
    58/58 100.00%
    Vote Count Percent
    JON HARRISON 7,820 23.37%
    PAUL T. BARICH 6,587 19.69%
    JANE DREHER 5,551 16.59%
    NEIL DERRY 2,682 8.02%
    TABETHA WITTENMYER 1,489 4.45%
    PAUL W. FOSTER 7,056 21.09%
    Total 33,459 100.00%


    The City of Highland rejected a move to a ward system, which will probably result in a California Voting Rights Act lawsuit.

    Measure T – City of Highland
    38/38 100.00%
    Vote Count Percent
    YES 2,304 42.92%
    NO 3,064 57.08%
    Total 5,368 100.00%


    Former 2nd Ward Council Member Susan Longville won in a crowded field for a seat on the San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District Board, beating City of San Bernardino Board of Water Commissioners Commissioner Wayne Hendrix, and former Fourth Ward Council candidate Joe Arnett, and San Bernardino Unified School District Board of Trustees Member (and Congressional District 31 primary candidate) Danny Tillman:


    an Bernardino Valley Municipal Water Dist – Div 3
    138/138 100.00%
    Vote Count Percent
    WAYNE HENDRIX 2,474 20.89%
    SUSAN LONGVILLE 3,538 29.87%
    STEVEN GUTIERREZ 1,045 8.82%
    JOE ARNETT 942 7.95%
    DANNY TILLMAN 1,461 12.34%
    Total 11,843 100.00%

    In Congress, Redlands Mayor Pete Aguilar leads Paul Chabot for the California Congressional District 31 race:


    U. S. Representative District 31
    509/509 100.00%
    Vote Count Percent
    REP – PAUL CHABOT 38,488 48.96%
    DEM – PETE AGUILAR 40,123 51.04%
    Total 78,611 100.00%






    Press release from the Pete Aguilar campaign on the cessation of the recount


    Pete Aguilar Statement on Completion of Recount

    (San Bernardino, CA) – In response to the completion of the recount in California’s 31st Congressional district, Pete Aguilar released the following statement:


    “I’m very pleased that the recount leaves the primary election results unchanged and demonstrates the integrity of the voting process. I look forward to a spirited debate with Paul Chabot over how best to ensure a brighter economic future for the Inland Empire.”


    Pete Aguilar is a small business owner and Mayor of Redlands. He is a strong advocate for economic growth and fairness in the Inland Empire, a leader who has reached across party lines to serve the best interests of the middle class in San Bernardino County

    There appears to be a lot of interest in this race (not so much that people actually voted, mind you), probably because of the Red to Blue aspect of it. Anyway, I thought I would break this out for people who just want to know the unofficial results. The top two advance to the November 4, 2014 Statewide General Election, and the winner will represent the 31st Congressional District of California in the United States House of Representatives, Replacing Gary Miller.


    These results are from the California Secretary of State’s website, based on the final unofficial election night results from the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters:

    U.S. House of Representatives District 31 – Districtwide Results
    June 4, 2014, 3:08 a.m.
    Incumbent CandidateName Party Preference Votes Percent
    FALSE Pete Aguilar Democratic 7368 17.4
    FALSE Joe Baca Democratic 4799 11.3
    FALSE Eloise Gomez Reyes Democratic 6746 16
    FALSE Danny Tillman Democratic 3648 8.6
    FALSE Paul Chabot Republican 11329 26.8
    FALSE Ryan Downing Republican 1421 3.4
    FALSE Lesli Gooch Republican 6978 16.5

    I obtained this brochure today from Pete Aguilar’s campaign office.  It is a handout that the campaign is using as they canvass California’s 31st Congressional District ahead of the June 3, 2014 Primary.

    And now, something completely different.  This brochure from 31st Congressional District Candidate Eloise Gomez Reyes arrived yesterday.  The 31st Congressional District of California includes what appears to be all, if not all, of the City of San Bernardino, the City of Redlands, Mentone, Grand Terrace, Loma Linda, Colton, about half of Rialto, some of Fontana, and a lot of Rancho Cucamonga. This is the first brochure received in the mail from any of the declared candidates in this race.

    My first impression of the brochure is that is very professionally done.  Though I have not seen many brochures, fliers or cards yet in the November 5, 2013 San Bernardino Primary Municipal Election, I know that they range from amateur to minimally professional, but you can see that with this brochure that the Eloise Gomez Reyes campaign used paid professionals to assemble the brochure.  That means using professional photographers, professional graphic designers, and they weren’t mailed out of someone’s office. This kind of mailing is very expensive, but might make the difference in a close race.

    This is the type of brochure that can be considered a “Meet the Candidate” mailing.  The brochure is a sturdy, color, gate fold, six page document.  The front features a portrait of Eloise Gomez Reyes and appears to be standing in the field of a park, though I cannot identify the location.  I would presume a park in Colton, south San Bernardino or Rialto.  The title in large red letters is “ELOISE GOMEZ REYES DEMOCRAT FOR CONGRESS.”  The title below or on the portrait is “PUTTING INLAND EMPIRE FAMILIES FIRST” and continues “OPEN HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT ELOISE.”

    I won’t quote the entire document which you can visit by clicking on the link above.  However, in the vein of being a “Meet the Candidate” mailing, under the heading Eloise Gomez Reyes – Daughter of the Inland Empire, it starts “Meet Eloise Gomez Reyes.”

    There are pictures on the second page, including a black and white family photo, a color picture from the 1970s of the candidate graduating, one of her getting married, one of her with Hillary Clinton, another one with her husband, Frank, and their son, and a current photo with her husband.

    The second page features dense text that introduces you to the candidate and why she is running. The next two pages are under the title “Putting Inland Empire Families First.”  The third page (the first of the two previously mentioned) has “Eloise’s Plan to Get Results”  They are:

    “Create jobs right here in the Inland Empire”

    “Prepare our kids to compete for 21st Century jobs”

    “Pass real comprehensive immigration reform”

    “Protect services families depend on”

    “Keep our promises to seniors and veterans”

    The next page details her community service and honors and awards.  Though I have never met her, I have heard her name for years. The last conversation that I had with Roberta Shouse, the Executive Director of Legal Aid Society of San Bernardino, Inc. was regarding Roberta Shouse’s support of Eloise Gomez Reyes’ campaign for Congress. When I was Legal Aid Society of San Bernardino’s staff attorney, I would hear about Eloise Gomez Reyes’ involvement with another Private Attorney Involvement clinic, Inland Empire Latino Lawyers, also known as IELLA. The brochure states that she was the Attorney of the Year for IELLA for 2013, and that she won a California State Bar Pro Bono Award in 2012.

    The brochure urges the reader to “Join Team Eloise Today!” and invites the reader to please compete the attached card, tear off, and mail back or go to  This card asks the reader to give their name, email, address, home number, work number, and cell number.  Four boxes can be checked off, to be a public supporter of Eloise, to host a house party for Eloise, to volunteer for Eloise’s campaign, or to put an Eloise sign in my window or yard.  It also gives space to sign up a friend or family member.

    The back of the brochure (upon which the mailing address if affixed) has a blurb about the 31st Congressional District, including a map:

    California’s 31st Congressional District is located entirely in San Bernardino County and includes all or parts of the communities of Colton, Fontana, Grand Terrace, Loma Linda, Mentone, Rancho Cucamonga, Redlands, Rialto, San Bernardino and Upland.  President Obama won the 31st District with over 57% of the vote in 2012, yet a far-right Republican, Gary Miller, represents the district because no Democrat was able to make the 2012 General Election ballot. Under California’s new open primary system, two Republicans defeated the Democrats in the primary and faced each other in November. The district is one of the most Democratic seats in the nation currently held by a Republican and Geary Miller has been ranked as the most vulnerable member of Congress.

    All true.

    I wrote about what went wrong in the 31st District election for the Democrats in this piece published in 2012.  And, it may happen again given the number of Democrats running in this election should another non-Democrat run in the primary.  Those announced for the June 3, 2014 primary include Redlands Mayor Pete Aguilar, former Congressman Joe Baca, Republican Congressman and incumbent Gary Miller and San Bernardino School Board Member Danny Tillman.

    The brochure gives the following contact information for Eloise Gomez Reyes:


    Twitter @EloiseforCongress (which I was unable to locate, even when clicking from her campaign website.


    Phone (909) 332-2020

    Mailing: P.O. Box 11487, San Bernardino, CA 92423

    Here are the semi-official results in the San Bernardino County Elections, with an emphasis on those races of most important to the City of San Bernardino, the focus of this site:

    These are semi-official results from the November 6, 2012 statewide General Election, which as you may know, coincided with a national presidential election.

    These numbers are from the San Bernardino Registrar of  Voters stats updated at 6:05 a.m. on November 7, 2012.  They will be next updated at 5 p.m.

    Starting with Congress, in Congressional District 8,  Paul Cook appears to have bested Gregg Imus in San Bernardino County 58.15 percent to 41.86 percent with 133,948 votes counted.  According to the Secretary of State (since there are non-San Bernardino County votes in the district (including Mono and Inyo, Paul Cook won by 57.6 percent (82,653 votes), to Gregg Imus’ 42.4 percent (60,732), as of 6:19 a.m.

    In District 31, the Republican-on-Republican violence has ended, with Representative Gary Miller (R-Brea/Diamond-Bar) officially becoming Gary Miller (R-Rancho Cucamonga).  Gary Miller has garnered 68,892 votes so far, for 55.19 percent of the vote, and Bob Dutton getting 55,940 votes at 44.81 percent of the vote.  We’ll look at the implications of this race on the future of San Bernardino politics later.

    In District 35, the battle between local Democrats Gloria Negrete McLeod appears to have defeated Working Joe Baca.  In San Bernardino County, the vote count is currently 46,627 (53.96 percent) to Joe Baca’s 39,788 (46.04 percent).   The Secretary of State has it as Gloria Negrete McLeod at 60,866 votes (55.7 percent), to Joe Baca’s 48,385 (44.3 percent), with 100 percent reporting.  Congressional District 35 has precincts in both Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties.

    Mike Morrell, the Republican candidate has beaten Democrat Russ Warner, by more than 2,000 votes, 51,954 to 49,104 votes.  The contest was for the 40th Assembly District.

    The Baca family misfortune continued with Cheryl R. Brown handily defeating Rialto Council member Joe Baca Jr. for State Assembly District 47.  This district is completely in San Bernardino County, with Cheryl Brown winning 40,871 votes (56.2 percent), and Joe Baca, Jr. winning 31,811 votes (43.8 percent).

    In the San Bernardino Community College District, Gloria Macias Harrison was the big winner with 52,160 votes (16.10 percent), with John Longville, an incumbent, winning the second of four at-large seats, with 42,411 votes (13.09 percent).  The third position goes to Kathleen Henry with 38,344 votes (11.84 percent), whose ballot designation is educator.  In fourth is Nick Zumbos, with 33,573 votes, barely edging out incumbent John Futch, who had 32,490 votes.  That means that one incumbent, John Longville, was reelected, while John Futch, Jess Vizcaino, Jr., and Carleton W. Lockwood, Jr. all lost. Further, with James Ramos winning the Third District Supervisor race, the San Bernardino Community College Board of Trustees is going to look very different.

    Which brings us to the County Supervisor races.  Of course, Josie Gonzales was not on the ballot, having won the primary in June. In the Third District County Supervisor’s Race, Neil Derry lost decisively to James C. Ramos.  Ramos won 53,653 votes (59.09 percent) to incumbent and former San Bernardino City Council member Neil Derry’s 37,143 votes (40.91 percent).  In the First District, which is generally the desert portions of San Bernardino County, a tighter race between Rick Roelle and Robert A. Lovingood.  Lovingood won 38,640 votes (51.22 percent of the vote) to Rick Roelle’s 36,798 votes (48.78 percent).

    In San Bernardino’s sister cities, briefly, Eileen Gomez was reelected as City Clerk handily, only a single candidate was running for City Treasurer, Aurerlio De La Torre, Frank J. Navarro beat Vincent Yzaguirre for Colton City Council District 3, Deirdre H. Bennett won handily in a three person race in District 5 (64.05 percent), and Isaac Suchil won in District 6.

    In Grand Terrace, two new faces appear to have won City Council seats, Sylvia A. Robles, and Jackie Mitchell, with incumbent Darcy McNaboe winning reelection.  Though it is close, it appears that incumbent Lee Ann Garcia has lost, coming in fourth for three seats, by a margin of less than 200 votes with 100 percent of precincts reporting.

    In Highland, both incumbents, John Timmer and Penny Lilburn were reelected, leaving the status quo in the City of Highland.   In Redlands, Mayor Pete Aguilar was resoundingly reelected, with 9,171 votes, 27.24 percent of the total in a seven person race for two seats.  Former Mayor Pat Gilbreath was returned to the Council, coming in second with 6,651 votes, a little less than 500 votes for then next highest vote-getter.  City Clerk stayed the same, and Robert Dawes was elected City Treasurer resoundingly in a three person race., winning 61.81 percent of the votes (10,792).

    In Rialto, Deborah Robertson defeated Ed Scott, and Shawn P. O’Connell  and Ed Palmer were elected to City Council. City Clerk and City Treasurer ran in Soviet-style one person elections.

    Of interest, in the San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District election for Division 2, Gil Navarro beat George Aguilar 8,755 votes to 7,049.

    San Bernardino City Unified School District Measure N, a bond measure, won overwhelmingly,  with 69.60 percent of the vote, needing 55 percent for passage.

    Lastly, Measure Q, put on the ballot by the Board of Supervisors as sort of a poison pill against the citizen initiative Measure R, received more votes than Measure R.  Measure Q received 269,973 votes out of 400,522 votes (67.41 percent), with Measure R receiving receiving 256,014 votes out of 398,468 cast (64.25 percent).

    Measure V in Rialto passed.

    Because of the magic of one of our nation’s largest technology companies, this site’s posts regarding Redlands Mayor Pete Aguilar when he was running for California Congressional District 31, many people searching for Pete Aguilar’s web presence land here.  He is running, along with a whole host of other candidates, for one of two spots on the City Council of the City of Redlands on November 6, 2012.  The website for Pete Aguilar’s congressional run in the June primary is not working as of this moment, and I know of no other website or Facebook page for Mayor Aguilar at this moment.  However, I believe the email address of works for the City Council campaign.


    Additionally, if you are looking for the address of Friends of Pete Aguilar for Redlands City Council, 2012, it is PO Box 8686, Redlands CA 92375, and the FPPC ID is 1297710.


    The most surprising news out of the 31st Congressional District of California is that Redlands Mayor Pete Aguilar did not make the General Election, leaving Gary Miller, a Republican from Diamond Bar in Los Angeles County, and Bob Dutton, a Republican from Rancho Cucamonga.

    First, I think Pete Aguilar did an excellent job on his first run for national office.  His staff was enthusiastic, and from my interactions with them, knew what they were doing.  I don’t think any actions or inaction by Mayor Aguilar or his staff and volunteers are to blame.

    1. Democrats snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.   Too many Democrats were running in a plurality Democratic district.  Justin Kim appeared, anecdotally, to have strong grass-roots support, and I am sure his showing surprised some observers.  The Democrats were hampered by having too many candidates, and a lack of party organization and discipline, nationally, at the state level and locally.  Justin Kim effectively split the vote with Pete Aguilar.  Additonally, the votes received by any other Democrat could have put Pete Aguilar over the top.

    2. Strong(er) Republican turn-out, with less turn out overall.  Senator Dutton had excellent name recognition, having represented Redlands before.

    3. Even with a new district, the traditional electoral dominance of the West End over the East Valley.

    4. Money.  While Mayor Aguilar raised an impressive amount of money, it is no surprise that with the amount of money either stockpiled by Gary Miller, raised fresh by Gary Miller, and spent on behalf of Gary Miller by the realtors, that Gary Miller received the most votes.

    UPDATE (11/7/2012): Looking for the November 6, 2012 Election Results for San Bernardino County?: Click here:


    Here are the unofficial results, as of 1:46 a.m. today, of the 2012 Primary for the County of San Bernardino.  I have omitted the propositions, U.S. Senate and the primary votes.
    “Winners” are in bold (most of the races are part of California’s top two primary, where the top two vote-getters go on to the general.  The same is true of the Supervisor primaries, except if someone wins a majority, they don’t hold a general election).  If the district is in more than one county, I didn’t show the winners.

    The short version:  Gregg Imus versus Paul Cook in CD8, Bob Dutton versus Gary Miller in CD31, Gloria Negrete McCloud versus Joe Baca (Senior) in CD35, Josie Gonzales wins as 5th District Supervisor, Neil Derry and James Ramos in the 3rd District General Election in November, and Robert Lovingood versus Rick Roelle in the 1st District General Election.
    Congress 8th (San Bernardino County only, district includes Inyo and Mono)
    836/836 100.00%
    Vote Count    Percent
    JOSEPH D. NAPOLITANO    760    1.20%
    ANTHONY ADAMS    2,168    3.44%
    DENNIS L. ALBERTSEN    618    0.98%
    GREGG IMUS    9,381    14.87%
    ANGELA VALLES    3,843    6.09%
    PHIL LIBERATORE    9,064    14.37%
    BILL JENSEN    1,488    2.36%
    BRAD MITZELFELT    7,390    11.71%
    RYAN MCEACHRON    2,370    3.76%
    JACKIE CONAWAY    8,748    13.87%
    PAUL COOK    10,253    16.25%
    GEORGE T. CRAIG    1,040    1.65%
    JOHN PINKERTON    5,964    9.45%
    Total    63,087    100.00%

    Congress 27th (Mostly Los Angeles)
    21/21 100.00%
    Vote Count    Percent
    BOB DURAN    1,622    30.54%
    JACK ORSWELL    1,860    35.02%
    JUDY CHU    1,829    34.44%
    Total    5,311    100.00%

    Congress 31st
    439/439 100.00%
    Vote Count    Percent
    PETE AGUILAR    12,016    22.82%
    BOB DUTTON    13,088    24.86%
    RENEA WICKMAN    3,446    6.54%
    RITA RAMIREZ-DEAN    2,966    5.63%
    JUSTIN KIM    7,083    13.45%
    GARY G. MILLER    14,057    26.70%
    Total    52,656    100.00%

    Congress 35th
    239/239 100.00%
    Vote Count    Percent
    ANTHONY W. VIEYRA    4,301    18.97%
    GLORIA NEGRETE MCLEOD    7,702    33.98%
    JOE BACA    10,666    47.05%
    Total    22,669    100.00%

    Congress 39th (Mostly Orange and Los Angeles)
    32/32 100.00%
    Vote Count    Percent
    ED ROYCE    4,589    67.63%
    D’MARIE MULATTIERI    242    3.57%
    JAY CHEN    1,954    28.80%
    Total    6,785    100.00%

    State Senator District 21 (Mostly Los Angeles)
    165/165 100.00%
    Vote Count    Percent
    STEVE KNIGHT    17,454    68.91%
    STAR MOFFATT    7,875    31.09%
    Total    25,329    100.00%

    State Senator District 23 (includes Riverside County)
    622/622 100.00%
    Vote Count    Percent
    MELISSA RUTH O’DONNELL    21,135    36.33%
    BILL EMMERSON    37,043    63.67%
    Total    58,178    100.00%

    State Senator District 25 (Mostly Los Angeles County)
    42/42 100.00%
    Vote Count    Percent
    GILBERT V. GONZALES    4,841    58.63%
    AMEENAH FULLER    702    8.50%
    CAROL LIU    2,714    32.87%
    Total    8,257    100.00%

    State Senator District 29 (includes  Los Angeles and Orange County)
    31/31 100.00%
    Vote Count    Percent
    ROBERT ”BOB” HUFF    4,583    69.31%
    GREG DIAMOND    2,029    30.69%
    Total    6,612    100.00%

    State Assembly District 33
    548/548 100.00%
    Vote Count    Percent
    TIM DONNELLY    21,081    51.65%
    WILLIAM E. ”BILL” JAHN    7,767    19.03%
    JOHN COFFEY    11,964    29.31%
    Total    40,812    100.00%

    State Assembly District 36 (Mostly Los Angeles County)
    10/10 100.00%
    Vote Count    Percent
    RON SMITH    959    42.81%
    STEVE FOX    585    26.12%
    TOM LACKEY    696    31.07%
    Total    2,240    100.00%

    State Assembly District 40
    341/341 100.00%
    Vote Count    Percent
    RUSS WARNER    16,066    42.11%
    MIKE MORRELL    22,083    57.89%
    Total    38,149    100.00%

    State Assembly District 41 (Mostly Los Angeles County)
    55/55 100.00%
    Vote Count    Percent
    VICTORIA RUSNAK    1,635    14.21%
    CHRIS HOLDEN    1,521    13.22%
    MICHAEL A. CACCIOTTI    1,328    11.54%
    ED COLTON    3,224    28.02%
    DONNA LOWE    3,800    33.02%
    Total    11,508    100.00%

    State Assembly District 42 (Includes Riverside County)
    150/150 100.00%
    Vote Count    Percent
    MARK ANTHONY OROZCO    4,710    36.08%
    BRIAN NESTANDE    8,343    63.92%
    Total    13,053    100.00%

    State Assembly District 47
    283/283 100.00%
    Vote Count    Percent
    JOE BACA JR.    9,064    41.96%
    CHERYL R. BROWN    6,307    29.20%
    THELMA E. BEACH    1,406    6.51%
    JEANE ENSLEY    4,825    22.34%
    Total    21,602    100.00%

    State Assembly District 52 (includes Los Angeles County)
    149/149 100.00%
    Vote Count    Percent
    PAUL VINCENT AVILA    2,207    14.35%
    RAY MOORS    1,090    7.09%
    KENNY COBLE    6,371    41.43%
    NORMA J. TORRES    5,711    37.14%
    Total    15,379    100.00%

    State Assembly District 55 (includes Los Angeles and Orange County)
    31/31 100.00%
    Vote Count    Percent
    CURT HAGMAN    4,825    72.44%
    GREGG D. FRITCHLE    1,836    27.56%
    Total    6,661    100.00%

    County Supervisor – 1st District
    346/346 100.00%
    Vote Count    Percent
    JERMAINE WRIGHT SR.    2,402    7.77%
    MICHAEL ORME    2,506    8.10%
    ROBERT A. LOVINGOOD    6,492    20.99%
    RICK ROELLE    6,092    19.69%
    BOB SMITH    4,479    14.48%
    BRET L. HENRY    4,620    14.94%
    RUSSELL E. ”RUSS” BLEWETT    4,342    14.04%
    Total    30,933    100.00%

    County Supervisor – 3rd District
    480/480 100.00%
    Vote Count    Percent
    NEIL DERRY    13,926    32.84%
    JAMES C. RAMOS    19,898    46.92%
    JIM BAGLEY    8,586    20.25%
    Total    42,410    100.00%

    County Supervisor – 5th District
    248/248 100.00%
    Vote Count    Percent
    JOSIE GONZALES    11,375    62.84%
    JOHN TAACK    4,435    24.50%
    SILVIA J. MARROQUIN    2,291    12.66%
    Total    18,101    100.00%

    I don’t have much to add that hasn’t been said elsewhere.  This is the first test for the California top two primary in this area, and I am especially curious to see the results in the 8th Congressional district race to see if the alleged moderation effect touted by Abel Maldonado works or not.  I am, of course, curious to see the effect on the 31st Congressional District.  I want to see if spending in our unique media market had an impact on the top two nominated for the general election. I’ll go out on a limb here: The final two will come out of these four candidates: Pete Aguilar, Justin Kim, Bob Dutton or Gary Miller.

    As for San Bernardino proper, except for the two supervisorial races, not much is going on.  I have no strongly held opinions about those races.