San Bernardino City Clerk

    As far as I can tell, the San Bernardino City Clerk’s Office has removed the links to the Form 501 and Form 410 that have been posted on this site.  If you go into the system manually from the City’s website, the folder “Elections 2013 Public” is no longer visible; if you follow the links on previous posts they are not accessible. For example on the Henry Nickel story, clicking the link returns this error:

     You do not have the necessary permissions to view the entry ‘Henry Nickel Form 501’.

    To be clear, the City of San Bernardino is under no obligation to make these documents accessible online. But it is disappointing nonetheless.

    On October 21, 2011, I wrote a post about a “door hanger” from Gigi Hanna during the primary election.  The same door hanger (as far as I can tell, since it says 2011) returned yesterday January 4, 2012).  Rather than rescan the “new” one, I’ll just quote the earlier post with links to the material (which is technically the earlier “old” version:

    This is the material distributed by the candidate or the candidate’s campaigner’s while walking the precincts.   Here is the front, and here is the back.

    There are two ways of thinking about using the same campaign materials in two elections.  One is that is very thrifty, very environmentally friendly, and in this time of government cut-backs, a good model for re-using slightly out of date materials.  The other school of thought is that it has an old date on it (2011), when the election is in 2012, which could be confusing, and that it is akin to a business that, instead of printing new business cards when moving, crosses out the old address and phone number and hand writes a new one in.  I don’t have an opinion on the issue, and I leave it to the partisans to debate the issue.

    I have not received any new materials from Amelia Sanchez Lopez for the general election, I will post it.  I have not received any as of yet.  I would expect some with the ballots being mailed Monday.

    When we last left off, Amelia Sanchez Lopez won a plurality of the votes cast on November 8, 2011, with Gigi Hanna coming in second.  That set up a run-off.  It is technically not a run-off, the November 8, 2011 election was a Primary Election, with the run-off being a General Election, which will be held on February 7, 2012.

    Here is the contact information for the two candidates:


    City of San Bernardino City Clerk

    Georgeann “Gigi” Hanna  FacebookWebsite, Phone Number 909-709-2019, Email.

    Amelia Sanchez Lopez:  WebsiteFacebook, Phone number  (909) 882-7085,  Email.


    As far as campaigning, there are Gigi Hanna signs around town, particularly billboards.  I saw one of her large, freestanding signs that had been battered by the recent wind storms on the west side of the 215.  Her Facebook page has been semi-active as well.

    Amelia Sanchez Lopez’s joint signs with City Attorney Jim Penman seem to have been taken down.  I would expect new signs to go up early next year.


    According to her Facebook page, Gigi Hanna had a “Kick-off to the Run-Off” at ASA Charter School on North E Street on December 8th, and a fundraiser/afternoon tea at the house of  Shab El Awar.


    Other than that not much to report.  Ms. Hanna’s brochure website has not yet been updated to reflect the 2012 General Election.  Amelia Sanchez Lopez’s website does not appear to have changed.