San Bernardino Primary Municipal Election 2013

    Finally!  Today is the San Bernardino Primary Municipal Election and the Special Municipal Election regarding the Recall.


    The Primary Municipal Election is for Mayor, 1st Ward, 2nd Ward and Fourth Ward Council Members.

    The Recall Election is for Third Ward and Seventh Ward Council Members, and City Attorney.

    Also, there is a school board (aka Board of Trustees) election for the San Bernardino City Unified School District election, wherein three positions will be elected.

    In the Mayoral, 1st Ward, and Fourth Ward elections, if no one receives a majority of votes, there will be a General Municipal Election in February (known colloquially as a run-off) between the top two candidates.  There will also be a Special Municipal Election in February for the vacant Fifth Ward Common Council seat.

    If the Third Ward Council Member, Seventh Ward or City Attorney are recalled, they will be removed from office upon certification of the election.

    If there is a winner in any Primary election, and no need for a General Municipal Election, the winner will not be sworn in until March when the existing terms expire.