There was a letter to the editor of the Sun regarding the California 8th Congressional District and writing in a name.  It may be a protest vote, but it will not count.   In the top-two primary nomination for the general election system, the California Secretary of State has this frequently asked question and answer:

    Can independent or write-in candidates for voter-nominated offices run in the general election?

    No. All candidates, including candidates who would have used the former independent nomination process, are allowed to run for a voter-nominated office in a primary election. All primary candidates for an office are listed on a single ballot, and only the two candidates who get the most votes in the primary election will move on to the general election.

    Write-in candidates for voter-nominated offices can still run in the primary election. However, a write-in candidate can only move on to the general election if the candidate is one of the top two vote-getters in the primary election.

    Candidates running for the office of U.S. President, however, can run in the general election as either a Presidential Elector using the independent nomination process or a Presidential Elector write-in candidate.


    However, in local elections, certified write-ins can be elected if they follow the process, as long as it is not a run-off (such in a City of San Bernardino general election).  There was recent news that bona fide certified write-in candidate has qualified for City of Redlands City Clerk, but I have not seen too many specifics, and once again, it is outside the purview of this blog.  I’ll leave that to the general San Bernardino County blogs.